Merlin 4.13

We're happy to announce the release of Merlin 4.13. This release comes with a number of bug fixes to the Merlin binary.

It also introduces a new -cache-lifespan flag that can be used to set cache invalidation periods. This flag allows for fine-tuning of cache invalidation periods, enabling users to customize Merlin's internal configurations for optimal performance in various project contexts.

Additionally, this release includes several improvements in editor modes. For more details, we encourage you to delve into the full changelog.

See full changelog
  • merlin binary
    • Fix a follow-up issue to the preference of non-ghost nodes introduced in #1660 (#1690, fixes #1689)
    • Add -cache-lifespan flag, that sets cache invalidation period. (#1698, #1705)
    • Fix Merlin locate not fallbacking on the correct file in case of ambiguity (@goldfirere, #1699)
    • Fix Merlin reporting errors provoked by the recovery itself (#1709, fixes #1704)
  • editor modes
    • vim: load merlin when Vim is compiled with +python3/dyn (e.g. MacVim)
    • emacs: highlight only first error line by default (#1693, fixes #1663)