Merlin 4.14

We're thrilled to announce the release of Merlin 4.14, a significant update that introduces a suite of enhancements and fixes to improve your OCaml editor experience.

In addition to the improvements and bug fixes in this release, Merlin 4.14 is the first version to support the upcoming OCaml 5.2 compiler.

Some highlights in this release include:

  • Improved Telemetry and Heap Usage Reporting: With the addition of the "heap_mbytes" field in server responses (#1717) and cache stats in telemetry (#1711), developers can now gain deeper insights into Merlin's performance and memory usage. These enhancements are part of our ongoing efforts to improve Merlin's performance profiling capabilities.
  • SyntaxDocument Command: Addressing a common challenge among new users, the new SyntaxDocument command (#1706) enables you to find detailed information about the syntax element under the cursor directly from your editor. This feature aims to facilitate learning and code readability by providing instant access to syntax descriptions, making it easier for developers to familiarize themselves with OCaml's syntax.

Happy coding!

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  • merlin binary
    • Add a "heap_mbytes" field to Merlin server responses to report heap usage (#1717)
    • Add cache stats to telemetry (#1711)
    • Add new SyntaxDocument command to find information about the node under the cursor (#1706)
    • Fix FLG -pp ppx.exe -as-pp/-dump-ast use of invalid shell redirection when direct process launch on Windows. (#1723, fixes #1722)
    • Add a query_num field to the ocamlmerlin responses to detect server crashes (#1716)
    • Jump to cases within a match statement (#1726)
    • Jump to module-type (#1728, partially fixes #1656)
    • Exposes stable functions for configuration handling and pattern variable destruction. (#1730)
  • editor modes
    • vim: load merlin under the ocamlinterface and ocamllex filetypes (#1340)
    • Fix merlinpp not using binary file open (#1725, fixes #1724)