package alba

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Definition of an enviroment for console applications which can run natively or under nodejs or any other module which satisfies the signature SIG.

The Fmlib helps you to develop Ocaml programs which run natively and can be compiled to javascript without changing the code of the application.

You develop your program as a functor accepting a module argument of type SIG. The program does all input/ouptut via the module Io.

(* Content of file [] *)
module Make (Io: Io.SIG) =
    let run _: unit =
    let open Io in
        (Stdout.line "Hello world")

The library provides two instances of type Io.SIG. One is Fmlib_native.Io for native applications and the other is Fmlib_node.Io for nodejs applications.

You can make a native application by

module P = Program.Make (Fmlib_native.Io)

let _ = ()

and a nodejs application by

module P = Program.Make (Fmlib_node.Io)

let _ = ()
module Error : sig ... end

IO Errors

module type STAT = sig ... end

Statistic data about a file/directory.

module type SIG = sig ... end

Signature of an IO environment.

module Output (Io : SIG) : sig ... end