package alba

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Represents a position in a text file.

type t

Position in a text file.

type range = t * t
module Print (PP : Pretty_printer.SIG) : sig ... end

Print in memory source files with error markers.

val start : t

Make a position with points to the start of a textfile.

val line : t -> int

Get the line number. First line is line 0.

val column : t -> int

Get the column number. First column is column 0.

val next : char -> t -> t

Advance the position by using the next character. If the next character is a newline, then the line number is increment and the column number is reset to 0.

val next_line : t -> t

Advance the position to the start of the next line.

val next_column : t -> t

Advance the column position by 1.