package containers

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A modular, clean and powerful extension of the OCaml standard library








  • add containers.pp sublibrary, with Wadler-style pretty printing combinators

  • add CCArray.{max,argmax,min,argmin} and their _exn counterparts

  • add CCParse.take_until_success

  • add Option.flat_map_l

  • add CCSet.{find_first_map,find_last_map}

  • CCHash: native FNV hash for int64/int32

  • fix bugs in CCParse related to recurse and Slice

  • fix: fix Set.find_last_map on OCaml 4.03

  • fix: make sure Vector.to_{seq,gen} captures the length initially


  • official OCaml 5 support

  • add CCFun.(let@) (if OCaml >= 4.08)

  • add CCHet.Tbl.{clear,reset}

  • fix(CCVector): concurrent modification safety in resize_with

  • fix(CCVector): always obtain a copy of array before using unsafe_{set,get}

  • CI: add ocaml 5.0.x


  • CCArray: add mapi_inplace

  • add sublibrary containers.scc for strongly connected components

  • CCSeq: add concat_map

  • CCSeq: add some missing function from 4.14

  • add CCInt64.{hash,hash_to_int64}

  • Ref: add protect function

  • fix: include Seq in CCSeq for ocaml >= 4.07


  • feat: add Containers_cbor module

  • feat(CCInt32): add popcount function

  • feat(CCInt64): add popcount operation

  • CCBV:

    • more extensive test suite

    • use bytes underneath, not an array of integers

  • add containers_testlib, removing qtest and ounit.

  • cbor: use int64 as main int type

  • fix: handle uppercase in string/hex


  • add Containers_bencode for lightweight (de)ser

  • perf(CCHash): improve a bit commutative hashing of arrays/lists

  • perf(CCHash): only hash prefix of string/bytes

  • feat(CCList): Add Assoc.{keys,values,map_values}

  • feat(CCArray): add CCArray.map_inplace

  • add CCString.{to_hex,of_hex}

  • fix(Atomic): prevent race conditions under flambda, for now


  • add Format.styling

  • make Format compatible with OCaml 5.0, using Stag for colors

  • new preprocessor, compatible with merlin, using [@@@ifge 4.12]-style pragmas

  • feat: add Byte_buf, a byte buffer.

  • add CCSeq.{zip_i,of_string}

  • add CCResult.opt_map to simplify result function application over optionals (#397)

  • add shims for Atomic and Unit

  • expose CCParse.pos to get current pos; improve perf

  • add CCVector.resize_with and CCVector.resize_with_init, tests and doc (#389)

  • add CCVector.insert

  • update dune to 1.10, condition some rules to unix

  • perf: reduce allocations in CCSeq.to_array

  • fix asymptotic behavior of resize functions in CCVector

  • fix: rely on either compatibility library


  • use either compatibility library instead of shims


  • rename CCOpt to CCOption and deprecate CCOpt

  • add iterator functions to CCIO

  • CCOrd: add poly, deprecate compare

  • add CCIO.File.walk_iter

  • CCParse: heavy refactoring, many new functions

    • backtracking by default

    • add slice and the ability to recurse on them

    • expose Position module, add or_, both, lookahead, U.bool

    • example Sexpr parser, and a test

    • example and test of an IRC log parser

  • fix bug in CCIO.read_lines_seq


  • fix bug in CCIO.read_lines_seq (backported from 3.6)


  • add and CCHash.bytes

  • CCIO: add many Seq.t based functions

  • CCUtf8string: add {make,empty,of_uchar}

  • add CCFormat.{const_string,opaque}

  • add CCOpt.{some,none}

  • CCFormat: expose ANSI_codes module

  • CCBV: add equal, refactor for performance and readability

  • CCList: add {sorted_diff_uniq,sorted_mem,sorted_diff,sorted_remove}

  • fix(bv): index error in union

  • test: add some property tests on Csexp/Canonical_sexp

  • bv: add more tests, including regression for #370


  • Add CCOpt.get_exn_or and deprecate CCOpt.get_exn

  • CCRAL: add get_and_remove_exn operation

  • CCString: add CCString.uniq

  • refactor CCHash to use FNV in many combinators

  • CCInt: improve perf by using a single implementation of popcount using int64

  • fix: CCRAL.remove does not always remove

  • fix(sexp): re-export the loc type to the functor's argument's type

  • refactor and clarify cutoff in String.edit_distance

  • fix(CCInt): make sure hash is always positive

  • big upgrade to CI thanks to @Fardale


  • feat: add code-generator for optimal bitfields; add tests

  • new Canonical sexpr module with printer and parser

  • CCSeq: Add for_all and exists

  • feat(sexp): expose last location in decoder

  • feat(CCChar): add CCChar.Infix

  • feat(CCString): add CCString.foldi

  • feat(CCFormat): add string_lines combinator

  • feat(CCList): update with regards to partition_map

  • add CCList.cons'

  • implement {of,add}_*_with family of function in CCMap with update (#352)

  • add CCMap.of_{list,iter,seq}_with functions

  • add CCHashtbl.{of,add}_{list,seq,iter}_with

  • Fix integer overflow warning on jsoo (#346)

  • updated fuzzer scripts


  • refactor(pool): less locking, fix deadlock, more parallelism

  • feat(pool): keep one idle thread

  • small optim in Pool.sequence_a


  • add CCEither module

  • add CCList.chunks

  • add iter/seq functions to CCString

  • add CCList.reduce (resolves #305)

  • fix: in CCInt pick popcount at runtime on 64 bits

  • fix: in shims, use configurator properly to determine int size

  • in CCFormat, add append, append_l, infix ++ for sequencing, space, break, cut

  • fix: in CCSexp, handle non-ascii escapes in strings

  • CCUtf8_string: add and expose uchar_to_bytes

  • enable auto deploy of doc

  • improve CI: test core on non ubuntu platform, test all on ubuntu

  • update readme

  • CCImmutArray: add tests (#344)

  • add fuzzing (#339)

  • add stronger test to compare with uutf in ccutf8string


  • add List.combine_chop and corresponding (and&) synchronized product

  • chore: remove travis to use github CI instead

  • add CCList.mguard function for list comprehensions

  • add some basic tests to CCMutHeap

  • un-specify order of elements in CCMap.to_list

  • Move definition of CCMap.update so that it is shadowed by Stdlib.Map.update

  • fix(intmap): order of arguments for the HO param should be stable

  • feat(containers-data): add CCMutHeap mutable heap with increase/decrease


  • fix build on 32 bits architectures


Breaking changes

see for a summary of a subset of these changes.


  • split the library into separate packages containers, containers-data, and containers-thread.

  • delete containers.iter and merge parts of it into containers-data;

  • move CCSexp into the core library, remove containers.sexp.


  • remove slice APIs in string and array.

  • change pp functions to take unit printer for sep/stop/start (#295)

  • CCPair: use more standard name for some map functions (#316)

  • add CCSeq module, mostly adapted from CCKlist

  • remove CCKlist from everywhere

  • CCGraph: remove deprecated module and function

  • rename <op>_std_seq to <op>_seq, making Seq.t the standard everywhere; remove the old <op>_seq that were previously deprecated in favor of <op>_iter.

  • CCVector: rename shrink into truncate

  • CCVector: rename remove to CCVector.remove_unordered

  • CCList: make mem compatible with the Stdlib by making ?eq optional

  • CCVector: rename filter' into filter_in_place

Other changes

  • CI: add github actions in addition to travis

  • feat: add infix operators to String

  • feat: add opt.bind

  • CCResult: add <$> operator

  • CCResult: add get_lazy

  • put infix operators in Infix module, then include it

  • ccnativeint: complete CCNativeint with regards to CCInt

  • Int64: complete CCInt64 with regards to CCInt

  • CCInt32: complete CCInt32 with regards to CCInt

  • implement CCInt.sign using

  • CCInt: include module Int for ocaml >= 4.08

  • CCInt: add of_float

  • CCInt: add of_string_exn

  • add CCResult.get_lazy

  • add Int.popcount operator

  • CCFloat: add pi

  • CCFloat: add of_string_opt

  • fix: expose always_eq/never_eq in CCEqual

  • string: add optional cutoff arg on String.edit_distance

  • CCVector: add remove_and_shift

  • CCArray: add optional argument eq to mem

  • CCSexp: Escape empty atoms

  • substitute 'Pervasives' with 'Stdlib'

  • CCFormat: add exn combinator

  • IO: add copy_into for transferring data between channels

  • Extend benchmark: to_array, cons and cons_fold

  • Extend benchmark: Sek, iter and pop

  • benchmark for memory usage of data structures

And many, many bugfixes.


  • add missing CCVector.of_iter



  • bump minimum version of OCaml to 4.03, drop deps {result,uchar}

  • deprecate {of,to}_seq a bit everywhere

  • deprecate CCKList as it's subsumed by Seq

  • feat: on >= 4.08, support let+ and let* operators

  • feat(list): add indexed functions and fold_on_map

  • refactor: also port CCGraph to iter

  • feat: add {to,of,add}_{iter,std_seq} where relevant

  • feat(unix): add ensure_session_leader and add some docs

  • feat(pool): add infix operators on futures

  • fix(pp): improve printing of hashtables

  • feat: add monoid_product to Array and Vector

  • improved gc behavior for CCvector

  • deprecate CCVector.fill_empty_slots_with

  • CCVector.shrink_to_fit to limit memory usage

  • add CCVector.clear_and_reset

  • feat(sexp): expose parse_string_list and the list decoder

  • add CCUnix.with_temp_dir function

  • deprecate CCOpt.to_seq, provide to_iter instead

  • add CCOpt.value to improve compat with Stdlib.Option

  • add CCVector.mapi

  • fix: restore CCSexp.atom and list which was lost in 2.7

  • fix(sexp): set location properly when parsing a file

  • fix: properly alias to CCChar in

  • use older dune dialect

  • remove unlabel, remove all traces of Result

  • require dune configurator explicitly in opam

  • Re-enable mdx tests

  • fix benchs so they don't depend on clarity and they compile again


  • deprecate CCKList in favor of the standard Seq

  • CCIO: add _gen suffixes to some functions

  • ccsexp: provide ability to annotate parsed S-exprs with their position

  • ccsexp: functorize the parser/printer

  • ccsexp: support #; for commenting a sexp

  • fix: remove dep from vec to list

  • add to_string to many modules (#270)

  • add CCDeque.{remove_*;update_*}, CCDeque.{*_opt}

  • add CCDeque.{filter,filter_map}

  • add CCDeque.filter_in_place

  • add CCBool.{to,of}_int

  • add Result.flatten_l to turn a list of results into a result of list

  • refactor: remove stdlib's code, simple reimplementation of Stdlib.Fun

  • add CCArray.Infix

  • Document behaviour of Fun.finally when finaliser raises

  • travis: test on OCaml 4.09, too.

  • more docs for IO


bugfix release:

  • fix(parse): error in many

  • chore: add 4.08 to travis

  • fix Containers.Stdlib on OCaml 4.07


  • introduce shim modules for 4.08 compat

  • remove reference to sequence, use iter instead for tests

  • add remove function to het map/tbl

  • missing type annotation for specializing

  • doc: fix bad example in CCIO

  • use iter, not sequence, in tests

  • fix: use same evaluation order as stdlib for CCList.init

  • fix: make Array.random_choose fail on empty array at creation time

  • breaking: make Array.random_choose raise invalid_arg instead of not_found

  • migrate readme to .md, using mdx to test it


  • perf: annotate types in monomorphic/float/int to help specialize builtins

  • use GADT to discard impossible case on CCFQueue (@dinosaure).

  • fix(funvec): expose pop, fix off by one error


  • revert some compatibility-breaking changes in label modules



  • rename Random.sample_without_{replacement,duplicates}


  • add CCResult.iter_err

  • add CCEqual.{always,never}_eq

  • add, generate unlabelled interfaces from labelled ones

  • add CCEqualLabels

  • add CCArray_sliceLabels

  • add CCStringLabels

  • add CCResult.get_or_failwith

  • add CCInt.( ** ) for integer exponentiation

  • add List.counts, related to List.count (#230)

  • migrate to dune

  • migrate to opam2

  • add


  • #235: release memory in vector/ringbuffer (thanks to @copy)

  • remove spurious Labels module

  • doc: fix small inaccuracy in comments and API

  • test: improve perf by changing random gens


  • feat(vector): add Vector.{filter,filter_map}_in_place

  • perf(hashtrie): use int64 for 64-bits branching factor and popcount

  • feat(intmap): add CCIntMap.{filter,filter_map,merge,is_empty}

  • Add CCHeap.Make_from_compare (#225)

  • add relational ops CCList.{group_by,join,join_by,join_all_by,group_join_by}

  • fix(float): make Float.{min,max} compliant with revised IEEE754

  • fix(build): remove [@inline] attributes since they break on 4.02.3

  • Fix Int32 and Int64 operators that are not visible (#224)

  • some performance tweaks in Vector

  • test(float): add some tests for FP min/max


  • Improving comments presentation

  • Add CCOpt.return_if

  • Add CCOpt.flatten

  • Add CCString.{,r}drop_while

  • add many missing functions to CCListLabels

  • test: consistency CCList{,Labels}

  • fix(arrayLabels): compatibility with 4.07

  • fix: compatibility for CCArrayLabels

  • test: add compatibility checks between CCArray{,Labels}


  • make CCInt64 compatible with Int64 (breaking!) (closes #192)

  • Add CCBijection in

  • feat(mono): add dotted comparison operators for floats

  • add ?margin parameter to CCFormat.ksprintf

  • add CCUtf8_string with basic encoding and decoding functionalities

  • Add CCLazy_list.<|>

  • Adding CCNativeint

  • enrich CCInt.Infix to get a uniform interface with CCInt{32,64}

  • add CCInt{32,64}.Infix

  • Adding CCInt32 module

  • add CCHash.combine{5,6}

  • Add infix operators to CCFloat

  • feat(list): add {interleave,intersperse} (closes #191)

  • add missing signatures of CCArrayLabels (closes #193)

  • Add CCFun.iterate

  • add experimental CCFun_vec data structure for fast functional vectors

  • fix: strong type aliases in Random (closes #210)

  • use standard List.sort_uniq

  • remove explicit dep on bytes in jbuild files

  • update printers names in (closes #201)

  • Enable support for Travis CI and Appveyor

  • test deps are required when we run tests

  • point to JST's blog post on poly compare



  • move to jbuilder (closes #165), requiring at least OCaml 4.02

  • become defensive w.r.t polymorphic operators:

    • Internally shadow polymorphic operators and functions from Pervasives by include CCMonomorphic in Containers module

    • Shadow the physical equality operator

    • Shadow polymorphic functions in CCList

  • rename print to pp for Format printers (closes #153, #181)

  • remove CCFlatHashtbl


  • many typos and style fixes (from Fourchaux)

  • Add CCList.iteri2 and CCList.foldi2

  • remove PARAM.min_size in CCPool

  • Add CCEqual.physical

  • Avoid uses of the polymorphic operators

  • Add a CCMonomorphic module shipped into a containers.monomorphic library

  • make complexity of Array.lookup explicit (closes #174)

  • add CCFormat.lazy_{or,force} for printing thunks

  • now that ocaml >= 4.02 is required, use Format.pp_print_text directly

  • add CCHeap.delete_{one,all}

  • add CCList.tail_opt

  • remove qtest makefile and use a script instead

  • add many tests

  • fix bug in CCRAL.drop (see #184)

  • CCFormat: fix support of unrecognized styles

  • fix bug: don't reverse twice in CCList.repeat

1.5.1, 1.5.2

  • re-export Format types and functions in CCFormat


  • have CCList.{get,insert,set}_at_idx work with negative indices

  • Add CCCache.add

  • missing function in CCListLabels

  • Allow negative indexes in CCList.remove_at_idx

  • add an optional drop parameter to string-splitting functions

  • add Hash.const0 for trivial hash function that ignores its input

  • improve compatibility with the stdlib

  • Add List.count

  • Add String.is_empty

  • add missing compatibility functions: {assoc_opt,assq_opt}

  • backport some functions added in 4.05 in CCList

  • add functions from 4.05 into CC{Map,Set}

  • Implement CCImmutArray.sub

  • bugfix in CCTrie.Make: Remove polymorphic comparison

  • remove dependency on cppo

  • add travis support

  • update doc of CCList.cartesian_product, which returns results in unspecified order (close #154)

  • fix (closes #155)


  • add CCMap.union

  • add CCRef.swap

  • add CCArray.swap

  • change signature of CCWBTree.get_rank

  • add CCWBTree.get_rank{,_exn}

  • more efficient Using efficient chunking algorithm

  • Fix CCVector.append_array (empty vector case)

  • CCFQueue.take_back_exn raised InvalidArg instead of Empty on an empty queue

  • faster CCString.{prefix,suffix}

  • speed improvements and benchmarks for CCString.{prefix,suffix}

  • add ocp-indent file

  • fix CCFun.tap example in doc

  • specify behavior of CCFQueue.take_{front,back}_l in some corner cases

  • More tests for CCVector.append and CCVector.append_array

  • assertions and cleanup in CCPool


  • deprecate CCBool.negate

  • add CCString.compare_natural (closes #146)

  • add callbacks in CCCache.with_cache{,_rec} (closes #140)

  • tail-rec CCList.split (by @bikalgurung, see #138)

  • change CCRingBuffer.peek_{front,back} to return options (closes #127)

  • add CCRingBuffer.is_full

  • add CCArray.find_map{,_i}, deprecated older names (closes #129)

  • add CCList.{keep,all}_{some,ok} (closes #124)

  • large refactor of CCSimple_queue (close #125)

  • add CCSimple_queue to

  • small change for consistency in CCIntMap

  • bugfix in CCRingBuffer.skip, and corresponding tests

  • cleanup and refactor of CCRingBuffer (see #126). Add strong tests.

  • add rich testsuite to CCIntMap, based on @jmid's work


  • make many modules extensions of stdlib (close #109) the modules are: String List ListLabels Array ArrayLabels Char Random

  • add CCString.{l,r}trim (close #121)

  • add CCInt.floor_div and CCInt.rem

  • add test and bugfix for CCBV

  • add CCList.take_drop_while (close #120)

  • add CCstring.equal_caseless (close #112)

  • add alias CCString.split (close #115)

  • add CCFormat.text (close #111)

  • add CCFormat.{newline,substring}

  • add CCList.combine_gen (close #110)

  • add module CCEqual

  • add CCResult.fold_ok (closes #107)

  • add CCFormat.with_color_ksf for colored printing

  • add CCInt.range{,',by} for iterating on integer ranges

  • add CCString.Sub.get

  • add CCResult.add_ctx{,f} for replacing stack traces

  • add CCString.split_on_char

  • add CCArray.{fold_map,scan_left} (close #101)

  • add CCList.scan_left

  • add CCList.{cartesian_product,map_product_l}

  • add CCUnix.with_file_lock for locking whole files

  • add CCFormat.of_chan

  • add CCFormat.flush

  • Add {map_lazy, or_, or_lazy, to_result, to_result_lazy, of_result} to CCOpt

  • annotations in CCEqual, for optimization

  • Add a tail-recursive implementation of List.combine

  • fix too restrictive type in CCResult

  • build unix support by default

  • bugfix and test for CCZipper.is_focused (closes #102)

  • use boxes in CCFormat.Dump for tuples

  • update header, and use more (##) in CCIntMap



  • fix bug in CCGraph (in DFS traversal)

  • fix bug in CCOpt.filter (close #100)

new features:

  • add CCHeap.to_seq_sorted

  • add CCHeap.to_list_sorted

  • add CCIO.File.walk_l

cleanup and doc:

  • remove dead code

  • new test for CCPool

  • new test and small readme section on CCParse

  • remove CCError from tutorial

  • merge tutorial into readme, cleanup


See for an overview.

Breaking and Removals:

  • simplify and cleanup of CCGraph

  • remove poly-variant based errors, use result everywhere

  • remove deprecated functions and modules

  • remove CCVHashconsedSet

  • remove CCAllocCache

  • remove CCBloom

  • update benchmarks (ignoring hamt); remove useless old script

  • simplify CCHash, changing the type to 'a -> int, relying on Hashtbl.seeded_hash for combining hashes

  • split CCList.Zipper into its own module, CCZipper in

  • change argument ordering in CCList.Assoc

  • remove CCList.Idx, rename its functions to toplevel

  • remove CCList.Set, move functions to toplevel and rename them

  • rewrite CCBitField with a much simpler interface

  • split CCArray.Sub into CCArray_slice

  • remove containers.string

    • remove CCParse and CCKMP (will be replaced in core)

  • CCFormat:

    • remove start/stop args, make sep a unit printer

    • many other improvements and additions

    • add CCFormat.tee

    • add CCFormat.Dump.{result,to_string}

  • replace or_ by default in labelled functions

  • remove trailing _ in CCOrd primitives

  • remove (deprecated for a while)

  • remove containers.bigarray

  • remove CCSexpM, use ocamllex for a much simpler CCSexp using ocamllex

  • add CCParse into core, a simple, lightweight version of parser combs

  • remove CCPrint, use CCFormat instead (also, update tests relying on it)

  • remove containers.advanced

  • change type of CCUnix.escape_str


  • CCHashtbl:

    • CCHash.{list,array}_comm

    • CCHashtbl.Poly and fix issue in Containers (close #46)

    • CCHashtbl.get_or_add

  • CCList.sublists_of_len (close #97)

  • Char.{of_int{,_exn},to_int} (close #95)

  • Add CCResult.{is_ok,is_error}

  • improve CCUnix a bit

  • update so as to include all core containers

  • add CCOrd.Infix

  • use Labels versions of CCList and CCArray

  • add CCString.edit_distance

  • expose CCString.Find for efficient sub-string searching


  • CCIO: deal properly with broken symlinks and permission errors

  • test for #94 (using Thread.yield to trigger segfault) Fix CCSemaphore.with_acquire: release a non locked mutex is UB

  • remove printers on structural types (#71)

  • add doc for of_list in relevant modules (close #85)

  • bugfix: do not use Sequence.flatMap (close #90)


  • threads/CCLock: add try_with_lock to wrap Mutex.try_lock

  • Add CCMultiSet.remove_all

  • document errors in CCIO (close #86)

  • use the new qtest/qcheck


  • (breaking) make default start/stop arguments empty in printers (#82)

  • add CCFormat.{with_color_sf,fprintf_dyn_color,sprintf_dyn_color}

  • add CCFormat.Dump for easy debugging (see #82)

  • add CCArray.Sub.to_list

  • add CCArray.{sorted,sort_indices,sort_ranking} (closes #81)

  • handle \r in CCSexpM (fixes #83)

  • add alias Containers.IO

  • bugfixes in CCArray.Sub

  • bugfix + tests for CCArray.Sub.sub

  • disable parallel build to support cygwin


  • bugfix in CCArray.equal

  • fix CCString.*_ascii; add CCChar.{upper,lower}case_ascii

  • add functions in CCArray: fold2,iter2,map2

  • add CCArray.rev

  • add CCFloat.round

  • add CCVector.append_gen

  • add CCList.{head_opt,last_opt}

  • add CCInt.{print_binary,to_string_binary} + tests (thanks @gsg)

  • more general types for CCArray.{for_all2,exists2}

  • more general type for CCResult.map_or


  • add regression test for #75

  • Fix CCString.Split.{left,right} (#75)

  • additional functions in CCMultiSet

  • show ocaml array type concretely in CCRingBuffer.Make sig

  • cleanup and more tests in CCHeap

  • fix bugs in CCFlatHashtbl, add some tests

  • add more generic printers for CCError and CCResult (close #73)

  • add CCstring.of_char

  • update headers


  • update implem of CCVector.equal

  • add CCOpt.get_or with label, deprecates get

  • add CCArray.get_safe (close #70)

  • add CCGraph.is_dag

  • add aliases to deprecated functions from String, add Fun.opaque_identity

  • add CCLazy_list.take

  • add Lazy_list.filter

  • add CCList.range_by


potentially breaking

  • change the semantics of CCString.find_all (allow overlaps)


  • add CCString.pad for more webscale

  • add (--^) to CCRAl, CCFQueue, CCKlist (closes #56); add CCKList.Infix

  • add monomorphic signatures in CCInt and CCFloat

  • add CCList.{sorted_insert,is_sorted}

  • add CCLazy_list in containers.iter (with a few functions)

  • add CCTrie.longest_prefix

  • provide additional ordering properties in CCTrie.{above,below}

  • add CCOpt.if_

  • have

    • CCRandom.split_list fail on len=0

    • CCRandom.sample_without_replacement fail if n<=0

  • add CCOpt.{for_all, exists}

  • add CCRef.{get_then_incr,incr_then_get}

  • add Result.{to,of}_err

  • add CCFormat.within

  • add map/mapi to some of the map types.

  • add CCString.{drop,take,chop_prefix,chop_suffix,filter,filter_map}

  • add CCList.fold_filter_map

  • add CCIO.File.with_temp for creating temporary files

  • add {CCArray,CCVector,CCList}.(--^) for right-open ranges

  • add Containers.{Char,Result}

  • modify CCPersistentHashtbl.merge and add CCMap.merge_safe

  • add CCHet, heterogeneous containers (table/map) indexed by keys

  • add CCString.rev

  • add CCImmutArray into

  • add CCList.Assoc.remove

Fixes, misc

  • Make CCPersistentHashtbl.S.merge more general.

  • optimize KMP search in CCString.Find (hand-specialize code)

  • bugfix in CCFormat.to_file (fd was closed too early)

  • add a special case for pattern of length 1 in CCString.find

  • more tests, bugfixes, and benchs for KMP in CCString

  • in CCString, use KMP for faster sub-string search; add find_all{,_l}


  • watch target should build all

  • add version constraint on sequence

  • migrate to new qtest

  • add an IO section to the tutorial

  • enable -j 0 for ocamlbuild



  • change the signature of CCHeap.{of_gen,of_seq,of_klist}

  • change the API of CCMixmap

  • make type CCHash.state abstract (used to be int64)

  • optional argument ~eq to CCGraph.Dot.pp

  • rename CCFuture into CCPool


  • deprecate containers.bigarray

  • deprecate CCHashtbl.{Counter,Default} tables

  • deprecate CCLinq in favor of standalone OLinq (to be released)


  • fix wrong signature of CCHashtbl.Make.{keys,values}_list

  • missing constraint in CCSexpM.ID_MONAD

new features

  • add a tutorial file

  • add a printer into CCHeap

  • add {CCList,CCOpt}.Infix modules

  • add CCOpt.map_or, deprecating CCopt.maybe

  • add CCFormat.sprintf_no_color

  • add CCFormat.{h,v,hov,hv}box printer combinators

  • add CCFormat.{with_color, with_colorf}

  • add CCList.hd_tl

  • add CCResult.{map_or,get_or}

  • add CCGraph.make and utils

  • add CCHashtbl.add_list

  • add counter function in CCHashtbl, to replace CCHashtbl.Counter

  • add CCPair.make

  • add CCString.Split.{left,right}_exn

  • add CCIO.File.{read,write,append} for quickly handling files

  • add CCRandom.pick_{list,array}

  • add CCList.Assoc.update

  • add CCList.Assoc.mem

  • add {CCMap,CCHashtbl}.get_or for lookup with default value

  • add CCLock.{decr_then_get, get_then_{decr,set,clear}}

  • rename CCFuture into CCPool, expose the thread pool

  • split CCTimer out of CCFuture, a standalone 1-thread timer

  • move CCThread.Queue into CCBlockingQueue

  • add CCResult, with dependency on result for retrocompat

  • add CCThread.spawn{1,2}

  • add many helpers in CCUnix (for sockets, files, and processes)

  • add CCFun.finally{1,2}, convenience around finally

  • add CCLock.update_map

  • add CCLock.{incr_then_get,get_then_incr}

  • add breaking space in CCFormat.{pair,triple,quad}

  • update examples/id_sexp so it can read on stdin

  • add CCList.fold_map2


breaking changes

  • remove deprecated CCFloat.sign

  • remove deprecated CCSexpStream

other changes

  • basic color handling in CCFormat, using tags and ANSI codes

  • add CCVector.ro_vector as a convenience alias

  • add CCOrd.option

  • add CCMap.{keys,values}

  • add wip CCAllocCache, an allocation cache for short-lived arrays

  • add CCError.{join,both} applicative functions for CCError

  • opam: depend on ecamlbuild

  • work on CCRandom by octachron:

    • add an uniformity test

    • Make split_list uniform

    • Add sample_without_replacement

  • bugfix: forgot to export {Set.Map}.OrderedType in Containers


breaking changes

  • change the type 'a CCParse.t with continuations

  • add labels on CCParse.parse_* functions

  • change semantics of CCList.Zipper.is_empty

other changes

  • deprecate CCVector.rev', renamed into CCVector.rev_in_place

  • deprecate CCVector.flat_map', renamed flat_map_seq

  • add CCMap.add_{list,seqe

  • add CCSet.add_{list,seq}

  • fix small ugliness in Map.print and Set.print

  • add CCFormat.{ksprintf,string_quoted}

  • add CCArray.sort_generic for sorting over array-like structures in place

  • add CCHashtbl.add mimicking the stdlib Hashtbl.add

  • add CCString.replace and tests

  • add CCPersistentHashtbl.stats

  • reimplementation of CCPersistentHashtbl

  • add make watch target

  • add CCVector.rev_iter

  • add CCVector.append_list

  • add CCVector.ensure_with

  • add CCVector.return

  • add CCVector.find_map

  • add CCVector.flat_map_list

  • add Containers.Hashtbl with most combinators of CCHashtbl

  • many more functions in CCList.Zipper

  • large update of CCList.Zipper

  • add CCHashtbl.update

  • improve CCHashtbl.MakeCounter

  • add CCList.fold_flat_map

  • add module CCChar

  • add functions in CCFormat

  • add CCPrint.char

  • add CCVector.to_seq_rev

  • doc and tests for CCLevenshtein

  • expose blocking decoder in CCSexpM

  • add CCList.fold_map

  • add CCError.guard_str_trace

  • add CCError.of_exn_trace

  • add CCKlist.memoize for costly computations

  • add CCLevenshtein.Index.{of,to}_{gen,seq} and cardinal

  • small bugfix in CCSexpM.print

  • fix broken link to changelog (fix #51)

  • fix doc generation for containers.string

  • bugfix in CCString.find

  • raise exception in CCString.replace if sub=""

  • bugfix in hashtable printing

  • bugfix in CCKList.take, it was slightly too eager


Breaking changes

  • big refactoring of CCLinq (now simpler and cleaner)

  • changed the types input and ParseError in CCParse

  • move containers.misc and containers.lwt into their own repo

  • change the exceptions in CCVector

  • change signature of CCDeque.of_seq

Other changes

  • add module CCWBTree, a weight-balanced tree, in

  • add module CCBloom in, a bloom filter

  • new module CCHashTrie in, HAMT-like associative map

  • add module CCBitField in, a safe abstraction for bitfields of < 62 bits

  • add module CCHashSet into, a mutable set

  • add module CCInt64

  • move module RAL into as CCRAL

  • new module CCThread in containers.thread, utils for threading (+ blocking queue)

  • new module CCSemaphore in containers.thread, with simple semaphore

  • add, a small library that installs printers

  • add CCParse.memo for memoization (changes CCParse.input)

  • add CCString.compare_versions

  • update CCHash with a functor and module type for generic hashing

  • add CCList.{take,drop}_while; improve map performance

  • add CCList.cons_maybe

  • add CCArray.bsearch (back from batteries)

  • add fair functions to CCKList

  • deprecate CCList.split, introduce CCList.take_drop instead.

  • add CCKtree.force

  • add tests to CCIntMap; now flagged "stable" (for the API)

  • add CCOpt.choice_seq

  • add CCOpt.print

  • add CCIntMap.{equal,compare,{of,to,add}_{gen,klist}}

  • add CCThread.Barrier for simple synchronization

  • add CCPersistentArray.{append,flatten,flat_map,of_gen,to_gen}

  • add CCDeque.clear

  • add CCDeque.{fold,append_{front,back},{of,to}_{gen,list}} and others

  • add CCKList.{zip, unzip}

  • add CCKList.{of_array,to_array}

  • add CCKList.{head,tail,mapi,iteri}

  • add CCKList.{unfold,of_gen}

  • add CCParse.{input_of_chan,parse_file,parse_file_exn}

  • modify CCParse.U.list to skip newlines

  • add CCDeque.print

  • add CCBV.print

  • add printer to CCHashtbl

  • bugfix in CCSexpM

  • new tests in CCTrie; bugfix in CCTrie.below

  • lots of new tests

  • more benchmarks; cleanup of benchmarks

  • migration of tests to 100% qtest

  • migration markdown to asciidoc for doc (readme, etc.)

  • add tests to CCIntMap, add type safety, and fix various bugs in {union,inter}

  • more efficient CCThread.Queue.{push,take}_list

  • slightly different implem for CCThread.Queue.{take,push}

  • new implementation for CCDeque, more efficient

  • update makefile (target devel)



  • change type of CCString.blit so it writes into Bytes.t

  • better default opening flags for CCIO.with_{in, out}


NOTE: use of is deprecated (its only module has moved to containers)

  • add CCString.mem

  • add CCString.set for updating immutable strings

  • add CCList.cons function

  • enable -safe-string on the project; fix -safe-string issues

  • move CCIO from to containers, add dummy module in

  • add CCIO.read_all_bytes, reading a whole file into a Bytes.t

  • add CCIO.with_in_out to read and write a file

  • add CCArray1 in containers.bigarray, a module on 1-dim bigarrays (experimental)

  • add module CCGraph in, a simple graph abstraction similar to LazyGraph

  • add a lot of string functions in CCString

  • add CCError.catch, in prevision of the future standard Result.t type

  • add CCError.Infix module

  • add CCHashconsedSet in (set with maximal struct sharing)

  • fix: use the proper array module in CCRingBuffer

  • bugfix: CCRandom.float_range


  • add CCList.{remove,is_empty}

  • add CCOpt.is_none

  • remove packs for containers_string and containers_advanced

  • add Containers_string.Parse, very simple monadic parser combinators

  • add CCList.{find_pred,find_pred_exn}

  • bugfix in CCUnix.escape_str

  • add methods and accessors to CCUnix

  • in CCUnix, use Unix.environment as the default environment

  • add CCList.partition_map

  • RingBuffer.{of_array, to_array} convenience functions

  • containers.misc.RAL: more efficient in memory (unfold list)

  • add CCInt.pow (thanks to bernardofpc)

  • add CCList.group_succ

  •, set of values indexed by poly keys

  • disable warning 32 (unused val) in .merlin

  • some infix operators for CCUnix

  • add CCUnix.async_call for spawning and communicating with subprocess

  • add CCList.Set.{add,remove}

  • fix doc of CCstring.Split.list_


  • add containers.misc.Puf.iter

  • add CCString.{lines,unlines,concat_gen}

  • CCUnix (with a small subprocess API)

  • add CCList.{sorted_merge_uniq, uniq_succ}

  • breaking: fix documentation of CCList.sorted_merge (different semantics)

  • CCPersistentArray (credit to @gbury and Jean-Christophe Filliâtre)

  • CCIntMap (big-endian patricia trees) in

  • bugfix in CCFQueue.add_seq_front

  • add CCFQueue.{rev, --}

  • add App_parse in containers.string, experimental applicative parser combinators

  • remove containers.pervasives, add the module Containers to core

  • bugfix in CCFormat.to_file


  • add Float, Ref, Set, Format to CCPervasives

  • CCRingBuffer.append (simple implementation)

  • now depends on bytes

  • new CCRingBuffer module, imperative deque with batch (blit) operations, mostly done by Carmelo Piccione

  • new Lwt_pipe and Lwt_klist streams for Lwt, respectively (un)bounded synchronized queues and lazy lists

  • CCKTree.print, a simple S-expressions printer for generic trees

  • Add CCMixmap in (close #40), functional alternative to CCMixtbl

  • remove old META file

  • simplified CCTrie implementation

  • use "compiledObject: best" in _oasis for binaries

  • document some invariants in CCCache (see #38)

  • tests for CCCache.lru

  • fix CCFormat.seq combinator

  • add CCSet module in core/

  • add CCRef module in core/


  • add @Emm to authors

  • refactored heavily CCFuture (much simpler, cleaner, basic API and thread pool)

  • add CCLock in containers.thread

  • merged test_levenshtein with other tests

  • Add experimental rose tree in Containers_misc.RoseTree.

  • remove a lot of stuff from containers.misc (see _oasis for details)

  • make devel command, activating most flags, for developers (see #27)

  • use benchmark 1.4, with the upstreamed tree system

  • test ccvector.iteri

  • add CCFormat into core/

  • infix map operators for CCArray

  • fold_while impl for CCList and CCArray

  • Added CCBigstring.length for more consistency with the CCString module.

  • Added name and dev fields in the OPAM file for local pinning.

  • Fix CCIO.remove* functions.

  • Added CCIO.remove_safe.

  • only build doc if all the required flags are enabled

  • CCHashtbl.{keys,values}_list in the functor as well. Better doc.

  • CCHashtbl.{keys,values}_list

  • more accurate type for CCHashtbl.Make



  • remove cgi/

  • removed useless Lwt-related module

  • remove CCGen and CCsequence (use the separate libraries)

  • split the library into smaller pieces (with, containers.iter, containers.sexp,

other changes

  • cleanup: move sub-libraries to their own subdir each; mv everything into src/

  • sexp:

    • CCSexp now split into CCSexp (manipulating expressions) and CCSexpStream

    • add CCSexpM for a simpler, monadic parser of S-expressions (deprecating CCSexpStream)

  • core:

    • CCString.fold

    • CCstring.suffix

    • more efficient CCString.init

    • fix errors in documentation of CCString (slightly over-reaching sed)

    • add CCFloat.{fsign, sign_exn} (thanks @bernardofpc)

  • new containers.bigarray, with CCBigstring

  • CCHashtbl.map_list

  • io:

    • CCIO.read_all now with ?size parameter

    • use Bytes.extend (praise modernity!)

    • bugfix in CCIO.read_all and CCIO.read_chunks

  • use -no-alias-deps


  • use subtree gen/ for CCGen (symlink) rather than a copy.

  • Add benchmarks for the function iter of iterators.

  • CCKTree: more printers (to files), Format printer

  • CCOpt.get_lazy convenience function

  • introduce CCFloat, add float functions to CCRandom (thanks to @struktured)


breaking changes

  • new CCIO module, much simpler, but incompatible interface

  • renamed CCIO to advanced.CCMonadIO

other changes

  • CCMultiSet.{add_mult,remove_mult,update}

  • CCVector.{top,top_exn}

  • CCFun.compose_binop (binary composition)

  • CCList.init

  • CCError.map2 has a more general type (thanks to @hcarty)

  • new module CCCache

    • moved from misc

    • add CCache.{size,iter}

    • incompatible interface (functor -> values), much simpler to use

  • lwt/Lwt_actor stub, for erlang-style concurrency (albeit much much more naive)

  • misc/Mixtbl added from its old repository

  • more benchmarks, with a more general system to select/run them

  • more efficient versions of CCList.{flatten,append,flat_map}, some functions are now tailrec


breaking changes

  • dependency on cppo (thanks to @whitequark, see and bytes

  • CCError:

    • now polymorphic on the error type

    • some retro-incompatibilies (wrap,guard)

  • CCPervasives.Opt -> CCPervasives.Option

  • Levenshtein.Index.remove changed signature (useless param removed)

other changes

  • stronger inlining for CCVector (so that e.g. push is inline)

  • more tests for CCVector

  • removed many warnings

  • CCSequence now provides some bytes-dependent operations

  • CCList.(>|=) map operator

  • CCOpt.filter

  • CCInt.neg

  • CCMap wrapper to the standard Map module

  • make some functions in CCFun and CCString depend on ocaml version

  • thanks to @whitequark, could use cppo for preprocessing files

  • add Format printers to CCString



  • CCOpt.get

  • new functions in CCSexp.Traverse

  • comments in CCMultiSet.mli, to explain meet/intersection/union

  • CCMultiset: Add meet

  • update of readme

  • generate doc for containers.advanced


  • core/CCSexp for fast and lightweight S-expressions parsing/printing

  • moved CCLinq, CCBatch and CCat from core/ to advanced/

  • ensure compatibility with ocaml 4.00

  • get rid of deprecated Array.create

  • move benchmarks to benchs/ so they are separate from tests

  • CCError.{iter,get_exn}

  • CCPair.print

  • some small improvements to CCRandom

  • moved CCHashtbl to CCFlatHashtbl; new module CCHashtbl that wraps and extends the standard hashtable

  • CCPervasives module, replacing modules of the standard library

  • removed type alias CCString.t (duplicate of String.t which already exists)


  • subtree for sequence repo

  • CCSequence is now a copy of sequence

  • CCOpt.wrap{1,2}

  • CCList.findi, CCArray.findi and CCArray.find_idx

  • better Format printers (using break hints)

  • specialize some comparison functions



  • readme: add ci hook (to

  • CCIO: monad for IO actions-as-values

    • explicit finalizer system, to use a >>>= operator rather than callbacks

    • File for basic filenames manipulations

    • Seq for streams

  • CCMultiMap: functor for bidirectional mappings

  • CCMultiSet: sequence

  • renamed threads/future to threads/CCFuture

  • big upgrade of RAL (random access lists)

  • CCList.Ref to help use references on lists

  • CCKList: group,uniq,sort,sort_uniq,repeat and cycle, infix ops, applicative,product

  • CCTrie.above/below: ranges of items

  • more functions in CCPair

  • CCCat: funny (though useless) definitions inspired from Haskell

  • CCList: applicative instance

  • CCString.init

  • CCError.fail_printf


  • small change in makefile

  • conversions for CCString

  • CCHashtbl: open-addressing table (Robin-Hood hashing)

  • registered printers for CCError.guard,wrap1,etc.

  • monadic operator in CCList: map_m_par

  • simple interface to PrintBox now more powerful

  • constructors for 1 or 2 elements fqueues

  • bugfixes in BTree (insertion should work now)

  • CCFQueue: logarithmic access by index

  • add BTree partial implementation (not working yet)

  • fix bug in CCPrint.to_file

  • CCArray.lookup for divide-and-conquer search

  • CCList.sort_uniq

  • CCError: retry and choose combinators

  • stub for monadic IO in CCPrint

  • CCopt.pure

  • updated CCPersistentHashtbl with new functions; updated doc, simplified code

  • move CCString into core/, since it deals with a basic type; also add some features to CCString (Sub and Split modules to deal with slices and splitting by a string)

  • CCArray.blit, .Sub.to_slice; some bugfixes

  • applicative and lifting operators for CCError

  • CCError.map2

  • more combinators in CCError


  • test for CCArray.shuffle

  • bugfix in CCArray.shuffle

  • CCOpt.get_exn

  • CCOpt.sequence_l

  • mplus instance for CCOpt

  • monad instance for CCFun

  • updated description in _oasis

  • CCTrie, a compressed functorial persistent trie structure

  • fix CCPrint.unit, add CCPrint.silent

  • fix type mismatch

NOTE: git log --no-merges previous_version..HEAD --pretty=%s