XML, JSON, HTML and Markdown libraries
Library cow_lib
Module Cow_atom
type author = {
name : string;
uri : string option;
email : string option;
type date = int * int * int * int * int

year, month, date, hour, minute

val compare : date -> date -> int

An Atom URI. There are lots of rules on which combinations of links are permitted in one feed. See RFC4287 Sec 4.1.1 for the gory details.

mk_link ~rel ~typ uri builds a link. rel defaults to `self, and typ represents the optional MIME type (e.g. text/html). The uri should usually be a fully qualified URI.

type meta = {
id : string;
title : string;
subtitle : string option;
author : author option;
rights : string option;
updated : date;
type summary = string option

A single entry in the Atom feed. The base represents the base href for the contents of the feed, in case it has relative links.

type entry = {
entry : meta;
summary : summary;
content : Cow_xml.t;
base : string option;
type feed = {
feed : meta;
entries : entry list;
val xml_of_feed : ?self:string -> feed -> Cow_xml.t