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v0.1: Initial Release


  • customizable initial size for internal buffer

  • remove single lwt related function and lwt dependency


  • CI tests

  • error management improvements (use result, allow exn and option)

  • do not print 0-sized fields in binary descriptions


  • Adapt to json-data-encoding.0.9.1 and provide json-lexeme seq to string seq

  • Improved performance

  • maximum_length to determine static size bounds (when possible)

  • provide to_/of_string alongside to_/of_bytes

  • Improved documentation

  • Increase test coverage

  • Fix JSON encoding of Result


  • catch exceptions in user-provided functions

  • provide conv_guard to help enforce invariants

  • remove unused read_error constructor: Invalid_size

  • check that int31 is actually within int31 bounds

  • add "slicing" feature to analyse binary encoded values


  • add compact encoding combinators

  • add fixed-length list and fixed-length array combinators

  • fix bug wherein mu (… option …) caused an infinite recursion

  • fix roundtrip property of BSON

  • fix error management of lazy encodings (consistent with non-lazy encodings)

  • add a default argument to Json.construct: ?include_default_fields,
    which is simply passed on to Json_encoding.construct

  • fix missing exported type


  • fix bug wherein infinite recursion protection prevented some legitimate uses


  • make compact encoding's JSON encoding less opinionated


  • fix bug wherein the binary description of zeroable encodings was invalid RST

  • make compact encodings JSON output identical to that of vanilla encodings


  • OCaml 4.14 support (including CI tests)

  • new tutorial

  • fix pathological performance issues when generating some binary descriptions for mu+union encodings


  • Improve documentation structure

  • Fix bug when using a negative number for a fixed-size argument

  • Support N-style uint encoding and Z-style int encoding

  • Give control over JSON strings representation to user

  • Fix bug when length and write would disagree on validity

  • Allow the use of N-style size prefixes

  • Allow the use of length prefixes (rather than size prefixes)

  • Export type equalities between Data_encoding.Encoding and Data_encoding

  • Improve binary-schemas for zero-width fields

  • Add a safety-wrapper for some combinators


  • Fixed binary-schema reference duplication issue