type t

A DataKit CI instance.

type target

The state of an open PR or branch.

type job

A job keeps up-to-date one state within an open PR.

create ~web_ui connect projects is a new DataKit CI that calls connect to connect to the database. Once listen has been called, it will handle CI for projects. projects maps projects to the status reports to produce. web_ui is the URL of the main web-page (used when adding links to PRs on GitHub). If canaries is given, only those targets will be considered.

val listen : ?switch:Lwt_switch.t -> t -> [ `Abort ] Lwt.t

listen t runs a loop that watches for PRs and branches that need building. Returns `Abort if the switch is turned off.

val dk : t -> CI_utils.DK.t Lwt.t

dk t is the connection to DataKit. If not currently connected, this will be a sleeping thread that will resolve to the next successful connection.

prs t is a snapshot of the current state of all known PRs.

targets t is a snapshot of the current state of all branches.

val latest_state : t -> CI_target.t -> CI_history.State.t option Lwt.t

latest_state t target is the current state of target.

val jobs : target -> job list

jobs t is the list of jobs for a target.

val job_name : job -> string

job_name j is the name of the GitHub status that this job computes.

val state : job -> string CI_output.t option

state job is the current state of job.

val target : target -> CI_target.v

target target is the GitHub metadata about this target.

val targets_of_commit : t -> Datakit_github.Repo.t -> string -> CI_target.t list

targets_of_commit t repo c is the list of targets in repo with head commit c.

repo t is the GitHub repository that contains target.

val title : target -> string

title t is the title of PR t.

val rebuild : t -> branch_name:string -> unit Lwt.t

rebuild t ~branch_name triggers a rebuild for results branch branch_name and recalculates any terms that depend on it. An error is reported if no term currently depends on branch_name.