type t

A collection of secrets.

type github_auth = {
  1. client_id : string;
  2. client_secret : string;
  3. callback : Uri.t option;
type 'a secret
val get : 'a secret -> 'a option
val set : 'a secret -> 'a option -> unit Lwt.t
val private_key_path : t -> string

private_key_path t is the path of the PEM-encoded private key.

val certificate_path : t -> string

certificate_path t is the path of the PEM-encoded X.509 certificate for the key.

val passwords_path : t -> string

passwords_path t is the path of the file in which passwords, roles, etc should be saved.

val github_auth : t -> github_auth secret Lwt.t
val create : key_bits:int -> string -> t Lwt.t

create ~key_bits secrets_dir connects to secrets_dir, creating a new key_bits long RSA pair-key and self-signed certificate if there isn't one there already.

val const : 'a option -> 'a secret

const v is a secret whose value is always v and which cannot be set. Mainly useful for unit-tests.