method private virtual default : CI_form.State.t Lwt.t

default is the initial state of the form shown to the user.

method private virtual render : csrf_token:string -> CI_form.State.t -> CI_web_templates.t ->

render ~csrf_token state config should generate the HTML page containing the form. csrf_token and state should be passed to the CI_form functions to generate the form correctly and show any validation errors from a previous submission.

method private virtual validate : 'a CI_form.Validator.t

validate is a validator that returns a validated result from a form submission (or produces suitable errors if the form is not valid).

method private virtual process : 'a -> Cohttp_lwt_body.t Wm.acceptor

process data should act on the valid form data data, which has been produced by validate.

method content_types_accepted : ((string * Cohttp_lwt_body.t Wm.acceptor) list, Cohttp_lwt_body.t) Wm.op
method content_types_provided : ((string * Cohttp_lwt_body.t Wm.provider) list, Cohttp_lwt_body.t) Wm.op