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Extension of Lwt_process

Convenience wrappers around Lwt_process.

val run_with_exit_status : ?switch:Lwt_switch.t -> ?log:Live_log.t -> ?cwd:string -> ?env:string array -> ?stdin:Lwt_process.redirection -> output:(string -> unit) -> ?stderr:(string -> unit) -> ?log_cmd:Lwt_process.command -> Lwt_process.command -> Unix.process_status Lwt.t

Run cmd, passing each chunk of output it produces on stdout to output and each chunk on stderr to stderr. If stderr is not given, output is used for both. Returns the exit status of the process when completed. If log_cmd is given, it is displayed in all log messages instead of cmd. This is useful to hide secret tokens, etc.

val run : ?switch:Lwt_switch.t -> ?log:Live_log.t -> ?cwd:string -> ?env:string array -> ?stdin:Lwt_process.redirection -> output:(string -> unit) -> ?stderr:(string -> unit) -> ?log_cmd:Lwt_process.command -> Lwt_process.command -> unit Lwt.t

Wrapper for run_with_exit_status that raises an exception if the process doesn't return an exit status of zero.

val check_status : Lwt_process.command -> Unix.process_status -> unit

check_status cmd status checks that status is a successful exit status. If not, it raises an exception giving cmd as the cause.