package dns-resolver

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type t

The type of a DNS resolver.

val create : ?cache_size:int -> ?ip_protocol:[ `Both | `Ipv4_only | `Ipv6_only ] -> ?dnssec:bool -> int64 -> (int -> Cstruct.t) -> Dns_server.Primary.s -> t

create ~cache_size ~ip_protocol ~dnssec now rng primary creates the value of a resolver, pre-filled with root NS and their IP addresses. If ip_protocol is provided, and set to `V4_only, only IPv4 packets will be emitted. If `V6_only is set, only IPv6 packets will be emitted. If `Both (the default), either IPv4 and IPv6 packets are emitted. If dnssec is provided and false (defaults to true), DNSSec validation will be disabled.

val handle_buf : t -> Ptime.t -> int64 -> bool -> Dns.proto -> Ipaddr.t -> int -> Cstruct.t -> t * (Dns.proto * Ipaddr.t * int * Cstruct.t) list * (Dns.proto * Ipaddr.t * Cstruct.t) list

handle_buf t now ts query_or_reply proto sender source-port buf handles resolution of buf, which leads to a new t, a list of answers to be transmitted (quadruple of protocol, ip address, port, buffer), and a list of queries (triple of protocol, ip address, buffer).

val query_root : t -> int64 -> Dns.proto -> t * (Dns.proto * Ipaddr.t * Cstruct.t)

query_root t now proto potentially requests an update of the root zone. Best invoked by a regular timer.

val timer : t -> int64 -> t * (Dns.proto * Ipaddr.t * int * Cstruct.t) list * (Dns.proto * Ipaddr.t * Cstruct.t) list

timer t now potentially retransmits DNS requests and/or sends NXDomain answers.


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