A GUI for tagging and managing document metadata for books, textbooks, or articles
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  • add ability to search for and copy BibTex from DOI

  • add field for notes to each entry

  • updates library version from 3.0 to 3.1

  • bug fix: year was not properly saved after retrieving metadata

  • add menu for relaxed or compact view

  • updated help formatting


  • fix bug preventing moving and deleting of multiple entries


  • loading speed of large libraries is now linear in number of duplicates

  • add error dialog when trying to open missing file

  • renamed libraries are now saved on exit

  • add tooltip message to list locations of duplicates

  • tabs can now be reordered

  • remapping missing entries now attempts to merge


  • major refactoring of JSON database

  • library configuration is now stored in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/doculib (or $HOME/.config/doculib if the former does not exist) instead of $HOME/.doculib

  • library metadata is now stored relative to each library in /path/to/library/.metadata/

  • searching for moved/renamed/duplicate files is now $O(n)$ instead of $O(n^2)$, and search will span across all libraries

  • add "copy file name" and "copy file path" to the context menu options

  • add option to remove library without removing metadata

  • highlight or mark duplicate and missing entries

  • can only migrate metadata from v1.2.1. Upgrade to v1.2.1 before upgrading to this version


  • icon is now encoded in source (no longer needs to be installed)

  • reorganized new library dialog

  • add about dialog

  • add help dialog

  • remove edit-entry dialog


  • add md5 hash to each file

  • detect file moving/renaming within the same library

  • selected files can be dragged and dropped between libraries

  • allow renaming libraries

  • files are no longer individually imported -> all files in library root path are automatically added to library

  • cell sizes should now properly render on MacOS


  • add library manager to add and remove libraries