A parser library for automated deduction
Module type
Class type
Library dolmen.std
Module Dolmen_std . Path

Type definition

type path = string list

A path of module names. A path identifies a module, or the toplevel/implicitly global module if empty.

type t = private
| Local of {
name : string;

A local path, mainly used for variables.

| Absolute of {
path : path;
name : string;

An absolute path, containing a path to a module, and a basename.


Paths used for variables and constants.

Std functions

val print : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Printing function.

Creation function

val local : string -> t

Create a local path.

val global : string -> t

Create a global path.

val absolute : path -> string -> t

Create an absolute path.

val rename : ( string -> string ) -> t -> t

Change the basename of a path.