0.2.0 (2018-06-08)

  • Remove opam lint warnings for 1.2 files (#2, @samoht)

  • Add a --keep-v option to not drop v at the beginning of version
    numbers (#6, @samoht)

  • Pass -p <package> to jbuilder (#8, @diml)

  • Fix a bug in Distrib.write_subst which could cause an infinite loop
    (#10, @diml)

  • Add a --dry-run option to avoid side-effects for all commands (@samoht)

  • Rewrite issues numbers in changelog to point to the right repository
    (#13, @samoht)

  • Stop force pushing tags to origin. Instead, just force push the release
    tag directly to the dev-repo repository (@samoht)

  • Fix publishing distribution when the the tag to publish is not the repository
    HEAD (#4, @samoht)

  • Do not depend on opam-publish anymore. Use configuration files stored
    in ~/.dune to parametrise the publishing workflow. (@samoht)

0.1.0 (2018-04-12)

Initial release.

Import some code from topkg.

  • Use of Astring, Logs, Fpath andBos instead of custom

  • Remove the IPC layer which is used between topkg and topkg-care;

  • Bundle everything as a single binary;

  • Assume that the package is built using dune;

  • Do not read/neeed a pkg/pkg.ml file.