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Emile (& Images)

Emile is a library to parse an e-mail address in OCaml. This project is an
extraction of MrMime - but we use
Angstrom instead an internal

This implementation follow some RFCs:

  • RFC 822

  • RFC 2822

  • RFC 5321 (domain part)

  • RFC 5322

  • RFC 6532

We handle UTF-8 (RFC 6532), domain defined on the SMTP protocol (RFC 5321), and
general e-mail address purpose (RFC 822, RFC 2822, RFC 5322) including

The last means we can parse something like:

A Group(Some people)
   :Chris Jones <c@(Chris's host.)public.example>,
 John <jdoe@one.test> (my dear friend); (the end of the group)"

For a general purpose, it's not needed and is close e-mail purpose.

Then, for domain part (explained on RFC 6532 - SMTP protocol), we handle this
kind of domain:


The parser of IPv* is done by Ipaddr.
As a old specification, we handle multiple-domains like:


Obviously, we handle (nested) comments:


All parsers are binded with a comment which explain where you can find the ABNF
description and some notes about implementation. All was check by hand.