package fmlib_js

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Http requests made in the browser.

This module uses the javascript object XMLHttpRequest to make http requests.

type t

Type of a http request object

All properties of an http request object see.

val event_target : t -> Event_target.t

View the request as an event target.

It is recommended to add a listener for the loadend event which is fired after completion (successful or unsuccessful) of the request.

The lister shall check the status property (200: Ok, 404: not found, ...). In case of success, the property responseText is a nullable string which contains the response.

Status codes see.

The following decoder can be used to decode the status and the response text of a terminated request:

    field "target"
        (let* status   = field "status" int in
         let* response = field "responseText" (option string) in
         return (status, response))
val make : string -> string -> (string * string) list -> string -> t

make method url headers body


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