Basic types for computer graphics in OCaml
  • Require OCaml 4.08.

  • Handle Pervasives's deprecation (and thus provide OCaml
    5.00 support).

  • Drop dependency on bigarray's ocamlfind package (and thus
    provide OCaml 5.00 support).

  • Change the semantics of Box{1,2,3}.inset. Rather than return the
    empty box when the size in a dimension i become negative, clamp it
    to 0 and use the ith coordinate of the mid point of the box for
    the ith coordinate of the resulting box's origin. This means that
    insetting boxes with large values eventually degenerates to the mid
    point of a box instead of the empty box. This avoids losing a box's
    location when one grows and shrinks them arbitrarily, e.g. in
    reaction to user input. Thanks to Michel Schinz for suggesting this
    better semantics.

  • Change Gg.Float.pp hexadecimal notation renderer to use the
    built-in "%h" string introduced in OCaml 4.03.0. Nans, zeros and
    infinities will render differently. Use the deprecated
    Gg.Float.pp_legacy if you need to recover the old hex rendering.

  • The Gg.Float module now includes Stdlib.Float (#19). Some values
    initially implemented in Gg.Float now use Stdlib.Float's
    definition or are deprecated in favour of corresponding
    functionality named differently. Implementations may differ but this
    shouldn't matter most of the time except for the first three items
    in this list:

    • WARNING Gg.Float.equal is deleted in favour of Stdlib.Float.equal
      The implemention differs, it moves from x = y
      to compare x y = 0 which differs on nan values.
      Stdlib.Float.equal treats them as equal Gg.Float.equal does not.

    • WARNING Gg.Float.round is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.round.
      The implementation and behaviour on negative numbers differs.
      Gg.Float.round always rounded towards positive infinity on ties (-2.
      on -2.5). Stdlib.Float.rounds away from zero on ties (-3. on -2.5).

    • WARNING Gg.Float.round_to_int is affected by the new round
      implementation (see previous point).

    • is deleted and becomes
      (same implementation).

    • Gg.Float.pi is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.pi, the bit pattern
      of the value is unchanged.

    • Gg.Float.is_inf is implemented by Stdlib.Float.is_infinite
      and deprecated in favour of it (different implementation).

    • Gg.Float.is_int is implemented by Stdlib.Float.is_integer
      and deprecated in favour of it (different implementation).

    • Gg.Float.is_nan is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.is_nan
      (same implementation)

    • Gg.Float.fmax is implemented by Stdlib.Float.max_num and
      deprecated in favour of it. The result of Gg.Float.fmax (-0.) (+0.) is changed, it returns +0. instead of -0..

    • Gg.Float.fmin is implemented by Stdlib.Float.min_num and
      deprecated in favour of it. The result of Gg.Float.fmin (+0.) (-0.) is changed, it returns -0. instead of +0..

    • Gg.Float.sign_bit is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.sign_bit
      (different implementation).

    • Gg.Float.succ is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.succ
      (different implementation).

    • Gg.Float.pred is deleted and becomes Stdlib.Float.pred
      (different implementation).

    • Gg.Float.nan is renamed to Gg.Float.nan_with_payload
      to leave room for Stdlib.Float.nan's constant.

v0.9.3 2018-10-23 Zagreb

  • Add Color.to_srgbi (inverse of Color.v_srgbi). Thanks to
    Christophe Troestler for the patch.

  • Add missing constraints on Float.{is_nan,equal,compare}. Polymorphic
    equality was being used. Thanks to Christophe Troestler for the report

  • Fix bug in Gg.M3.rot2 ?pt:(Some _) (#18).

v0.9.2 2017-01-24 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Add Box{1,2,3}.add_pt. Thanks to Christophe Troestler for the suggestion.

  • V{2,3,4}.norm avoid {under,over}flows. Thanks to Christophe Troestler for
    the report and guidance.

  • Fix Size.of_w. Thanks to @rand00 for the report and the fix.

  • Safe-string support.

  • Build depend on topkg.

  • Relicense from BSD3 to ISC.

v0.9.1 2015-08-14 Cambridge (UK)

  • Fix Box1.pp and add to toplevel support.

  • Fix broken Box{1,2,3}.subset functions. Thanks to Armaël Guéneau
    for the report.

  • Change toplevel support scheme, #require "gg" no longer automatically
    opens Gg and installs printers. You now have to #require "" for
    this to happen.

v0.9.0 2014-08-23 Cambridge (UK)

  • Fix toplevel printer installation.

  • Use package builder topkg for distribution.

  • Add Gg.Ba (experimental). Convenience module for linear 1D bigarrays.
    The library now depends on Bigarrays.

  • Many changes and fixes to the experimental Gg.Raster module.

  • Removed to_string functions, they were not thread safe and we
    now have Format.asprintf which can be used with the pretty printers.

  • Add an optional argument to M3.rot2 to specify a center for the rotation.

  • Optimize M{2,3,4}.mul on M{2,3,4}.id arguments.

  • Add M4.{move2,rot2,scale2,rigid2}

  • Rename M4.{ortho,persp}, replace ~bottom by ~bot.

  • Add Size1 module for sizes in 1D space.

  • Add Box1 module for 1D axis-aligned boxes (closed intervals).

  • Add Size2.{aspect,of_h,of_w} functions.

  • Add Box2.{bm_pt,ml_pt,mm_pt,mr_pt,tm_pt} for accessing middle points on
    the sides.

  • Rename Box2.{bottom,top}_{left,right} to Box2.{b,t}{l,r}_pt.

  • Add Box3.{fbl,fbr,ftl,ftr,nbl,nbr,ntl,ntr} corner accessors.

  • Fix a bug in Box3.inset, new size was incorrectly computed.

The following functions were renamed so that each module uses the same
name for the same transform. Previously we had e.g. M3.scale and
M4.scale3 (3D) and M4.scale (4D) which is confusing and
inconvenient when one wants to switch from one matrix to the other.

  • Rename M2.{rot,scale} to M2.{rot2,scale2}.

  • Rename M3.{move,rot,rigid,srigid} to M3.{move2,rot2,rigid2,srigid2}.

  • Rename M3.{rot_{map,axis,zyx},scale} to M3.{rot3_{map,axis,zyx},scale3}.

  • Rename M4.{move,rot_{map,axis,zyx},scale,rigid,rigidq,srigid,srigidq} to

  • Rename M4.scale to M4.scale4

  • Rename M4.{rot_{map,axis,zyx},to_rot_{axis,zyx} to

v0.8.0 2013-09-24 Lausanne

First release.
Part of the work was sponsored by Citrix Systems R&D and OCaml Labs.