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RTL Hardware Design in OCaml


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Hardcaml is an embedded DSL for designing and simulating hardware in OCaml. Generic hardware designs are easily expressed using features such as higher order functions, lists, maps etc. A built in simulator allows designs to be simulated within Hardcaml. Designs are converted to either Verilog or VHDL to interact with standard back end tooling.

Published: 26 May 2024



Hardcaml is an OCaml library for designing and testing hardware designs.

  • Express hardware designs in OCaml

  • Make generic designs using higher order functions, lists, maps, functors...

  • Simulate designs in OCaml

  • Convert to (hierarchical) Verilog or VHDL

  • Write new modules to transform or analyse circuits, or provide new backends


$ opam install hardcaml ppx_hardcaml hardcaml_waveterm


Tools and libraries

  • Hardcaml_waveterm - ASCII based digital waveforms. Usable in expect tests or from an interactive terminal application.

  • Hardcaml_c - convert Hardcaml designs to C-based simulation models. Provides an API compatible with the standard Cyclesim module. Trades compilation time for runtime performance.

  • Hardcaml_verilator - Convert Hardcaml designs to very high speed simulation model using the open source Verilator compiler.

  • Hardcaml_step_testbench - Monadic testbench API. Control multiple tasks synchronized to a clock without converting to a statemachine coding style.

  • Hardcaml_circuits - A library of useful/interesting Hardcaml designs

  • Hardcaml_fixed_point - Fixed point arithmetic with rounding and overflow control

  • Hardcaml_xilinx - Various Xilinx primitives wrapped with Hardcaml interfaces and simulation models

  • Hardcaml_xilinx_components - Tool to read Xilinx unisim and xpm component definitions and generate Hardcaml interfaces

  • Hardcaml_of_verilog - Convert a verilog design to Hardcaml using Yosys

  • Hardcaml_verify - SAT based formal verification tools for Hardcaml

  • Hardcaml_xilinx_reports - Automated generation of synthesis reports from Vivado.

Projects using Hardcaml

Dependencies (10)

  1. zarith >= "1.11"
  2. ppxlib >= "0.28.0"
  3. dune >= "3.11.0"
  4. stdio >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  5. ppx_sexp_conv >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  6. ppx_jane >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  7. core_kernel >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  8. bin_prot >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  9. base >= "v0.17" & < "v0.18"
  10. ocaml >= "5.1.0"

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