Buffered Lwt channels for MirageOS FLOW types
  • Port build to Dune (@avsm)

  • Fix ocamldoc format to be odoc-clean (@avsm)

  • Update opam metadata to 2.0 format (@avsm)

  • Update test matrix to OCaml 4.07 (#24 @hannesm)

  • Use io-page-unix instead of io-page.unix (#24 @hannesm)

v3.1.0 2017-06-14

  • Port build to Jbuilder.


Adapt to MirageOS 3 CHANNEL interface:

  • use result instead of exceptions

  • hide read_until as an internal implementation

  • remove read_stream from external interface as it is
    difficult to combine Lwt_stream and error handling.

v1.1.1 2016-10-20

  • port to topkg and odig conventions

v1.1.0 2016-06-28

  • don't call close on Eof

  • add read_exactly

  • add LICENSE

  • add conflict with old versions of TCP/IP