package mirage-conduit

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Functorial interface for resolving URIs to endpoints.

val static : (string, port:int -> Conduit.endp) Stdlib.Hashtbl.t -> Resolver_lwt.t

static hosts constructs a resolver that looks up any resolution requests from the static hosts hashtable instead of using the system resolver.

val localhost : Resolver_lwt.t

localhost is a static resolver that has a single entry that maps localhost to, and fails on all other hostnames.

module type S = sig ... end

Module allowing to build a Resolver_lwt than can perform DNS lookups.

module Make (DNS : Dns_resolver_mirage.S) : S with module DNS = DNS

Given a DNS resolver implementation, provide a Resolver_lwt that can perform DNS lookups to return endpoints.

Provides a DNS-enabled Resolver_lwt given a network stack. See Make.


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