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This module contains the function to create our lazy data structure from cmi, cmt and cmti files or from whole directories

val load : string list -> IndexTypes.t

Build the trie from a list of include directories. They will be scanned for .cmi and .cmt files to complete on module names, and the contents of these files will be lazily read whenever needed.

val add_file : IndexTypes.t -> string -> IndexTypes.t

Load a single file into a trie

val open_module : ?cleanup_path:bool -> IndexTypes.t -> string list -> IndexTypes.t

Consider the module at the given path as opened, i.e. rebind its contents at the root of the trie. If cleanup_path, also change its contents to refer to the new path.

val fully_open_module : ?cleanup_path:bool -> IndexTypes.t -> string list -> IndexTypes.t

Same as open_module, but tries to open even the elements that are not in the external interface (this needs a cmt to be present)

val alias : ?cleanup_path:bool -> IndexTypes.t -> string list -> string list -> IndexTypes.t

alias t origin alias binds at alias the contents found at origin. If ~cleanup_path is set, also change its contents to refer to the new path.