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  • Compatibility with OCaml 4.13 (#699, @octachron)



  • Compatibility with OCaml 4.12 (#531, @octachron)



  • Compatibility with OCaml 4.11 (#434, @kit-ty-kate)



  • Add option to turn warnings into errors (#398, Jules Aguillon)

Bugs fixed

  • Emit quote before identifier in alias type expr (Fixes #391, Anton Bachin)

  • Handle generalized open statements introduced in 4.08 (#393, Jon Ludlam)

  • Refactor error reporting to avoid exiting the program in library code
    (#400, Jules Aguillon)

  • Build on OCaml 4.10 (#408, Jon Ludlam)


Bugs fixed

  • Build on OCaml 4.09 (#383, Anil Madhavapeddy).

  • Handle OCaml 4.08 type and module substitutions (#381, Jon Ludlam).

  • Parser: better trimming of leading whitespace in code blocks (#370, Jules

  • Parser: allow references to operators containing : characters (#384,
    reported Sylvain Le Gall).

  • HTML: emit <meta generator> again (#378, Daniel Bünzli).

  • CLI: odoc html-targets was ignoring deeply nested modules (#379, Daniel

  • Fix bad internal usage of List.iter2 (#376, Yotam Barnoy).


Bugs fixed

  • Messy formatting in large definitions due to lack of <span>s (#360, Thomas

  • Missing table of contents on .mld pages (#361, Rizo Isrof).

  • Missing space before polymorphic class names (#339, Kevin Ji).

  • Module type definitions printed with : instead of = (#344, Geoff Reedy).

  • Conjunctive types printed with * instead of & (#353, Florian Angeletti).

  • Type extensions (+=) printed without CSS classes found in other items (#348,
    reported Stéphane Lavergne).

  • High memory usage on large codebases (#361, Thomas Refis).

  • Build: double underscores in internal filenames (#357, Thomas Refis).

  • Development: test suite assumed that html5-tidy supports --mute (#345,
    Geoff Reedy).

  • Internal: refactored AST (#351, #364, Jules Aguillon).



  • All parsing errors are now recoverable warnings (#238).

  • Page titles are now level-0 headings ({0 ...}), and top-level sections
    within a page are level-1 headings ({1 ...}) (#217, Rizo Isrof).

  • Don't render definitions of externals (#275, Nik Graf).

  • Disable programming ligatures (#248).

  • Rename --root-uri option to --xref-base-uri (#223, Rizo Isrof).

  • Deprecate redundant reference kind annotations (#246).


  • Preliminary compatibility with the current 4.08 beta releases (#309, Jon

  • Paragraph headings ({4 ...}) and subparagraph headings ({5 ...}) (#217,
    Rizo Isrof).

  • odoc support-files-targets command (#232).

  • Recommend bsdoc for using
    odoc with BuckleScript (#269, Leandro Ostera).

Bugs fixed

  • Improve breadcrumbs on .mld pages (#293, Daniel Buenzli).

  • Display tables of contents in nested module and class pages (#261, Rizo

  • Uncaught exception when parsing references to operators with - in them,
    such as @-> (#178).

  • Incorrect parsing of references to operators with . in them, such as *.

  • Assertion failure when processing optional arguments in an .ml file with a
    type annotation, when that type annotation uses an alias of 'a option

  • Assertion failure when two modules with the same name are found by odoc (#148,
    Jon Ludlam).

  • Verbatim blocks ({v ... v}) can now only be terminated if the v} is
    immediately preceded by whitespace (#71, reported Daniel Buenzli).

  • Wrong column numbers for errors reported in comments (#227, #253).

  • Restore parsing of ocamldoc-style reference kind annotations (#244).

  • Ordinary type keyword instead of and rendered in HTML for
    mutually-recursive types (#105, reported @Fourchaux).

  • nonrec keyword not rendered (#249).

  • and not rendered for mutually-recursive modules, classes, and class types

  • Outer comment attached to a module rendered when the module is included (#87,
    Jon Ludlam).

  • Polymorphic variant constructor documentation not rendered (#176, reported

  • Variant constructor and record field documentation styled differently (#260,
    Jon Ludlam).

  • Sloppy keyword markup in HTML output (#319).

  • Rendering of multiple constraint clauses (#321).

  • Incorrect order of functor arguments (#261, Rizo Isrof).

  • odoc html option -o now creates the output directory if it does not exist
    #171, #264 Rizo Isrof).

  • odoc html-targets output now includes path prefix given through -o option
    (#173, Rizo Isrof).

  • Allow -I and -o options to refer to non-existent directories (#32, #170,
    Daniel Buenzli).

  • Make odoc compile-targets match odoc compile (#273, Daniel Buenzli).

  • odoc compile-deps does not work on .cmt files (#162, Daniel Buenzli).

  • odoc html-deps now scans for .odoc files recursively (#307, Daniel

  • odoc html-targets ignores stop comments (#276, Daniel Buenzli).

  • odoc html-targets and odoc html-deps segfault on .mld pages (#277, #282,
    Daneil Buenzli).

  • --theme-uri option not propagated to some subpages (#318, Thomas Refis).

  • Binary files not opened in binary mode (#281, Ulrik Strid).

Build and development

  • Always print backtraces for unhandled exceptions (3d10feb).

  • CI on macOS (#216, Leandro Ostera).

  • Test runner improvements (#266, Rizo Isrof).

  • Fix esy builds in Travis (#301, Jon Ludlam).

  • Don't require make in the esy build (#308, Leandro Ostera).

  • Get rid of some large GADTs (#292, Jon Ludlam).

  • Remove dependency on bos (#305, Daniel Buenzli).

  • Remove dependency on rresult (#306, Daniel Buenzli).

  • Remove dependency on bisect_ppx, previously present in development
    checkouts (#316).



  • Reason syntax output (#156, Patrick Stapfer).

  • BuckleScript support (#179, Leandro Ostera).

  • New CSS, appearance (#139, Rizo Isrof).

  • Table of contents for the sections in each page (fe26392).

  • Navigation breadcrumbs, and limit length of module paths in page
    titles (#150, Yotam Barnoy).

  • Syntax highlighting of code blocks (99f2be9).

  • Compiled odoc binary is now self-contained and requires no external
    files (bd3b53c).

  • --theme-uri option (#154, Rizo Isrof).

  • Option to convert .mld to HTML fragments rather than complete pages
    (#166, Rizo Isrof).

Bugs fixed

  • Use regular dashes in arrows to support ligature fonts (#180, Leandro

  • Do not excessively indent code blocks (#133, Bobby Priambodo).

  • Always prepend page- to output file name when compiling .mld files
    (#183, Rizo Isrof).

  • Support floatarray type introduced in OCaml 4.06 (eb36158, Thomas

  • Support destructive type substitution (57cbb4e, Thomas Refis).

  • Render <i> tags in italics (#104, Thibault Suzanne).

  • Flush HTML output correctly (#167, Rizo Isrof).

  • Make HTML output more valid (#185, Leandro Ostera).

  • Various improvements to parsing, output, documentation, and the
    development workflow (Yotam Barnoy, Luke Czyszczonik, Mohamed
    Elsharnouby, Rudi Grinberg, Rizo Isrof, Leandro Ostera, Bobby
    Priambodo, Thomas Refis, Patrick Stapfer).

Build and development

  • odoc is now one repo.

  • Dropped several dependencies.

  • Considerable refactoring.

  • New commnt parser (78a6699).

  • Improved development workflow, including CONTRIBUTING.md, tests,
    coverage analysis, CI, and issue organization.

  • Initial NPM packaging (Leandro Ostera, #214).

  • Skeleton of odoc manual (Leandro Ostera, #203).


  • Support for standalone documentation pages (.mld files) (#61).

  • Display [@@deprecated] attributes as the @deprecated tag (#57).

  • Allow each component of OCaml paths to be disambiguated using the kind-identifer syntax (part of #61).

  • Support OCaml 4.06.

  • Fix spurious leading blank lines in verbatim text (ocaml-doc/octavius#6).


  • make odoc more noisy when generating html for hidden units

  • changed html-deps subcommand behavior: it now expects to be given a
    directory, not a single odoc file.


  • switch to jbuilder


Initial release.