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opam-state 2.1.4


This package provides the following libraries (via dune):



  • OpamEnv Process environment setup and handling, shell configuration
  • OpamFileTools Tools for manipulating and checking package definition ("opam") files
  • OpamFormatUpgrade This modules handles the conversion from older repository and package versions to the current one
  • OpamGlobalState Loading and handling of the global state of an opam root
  • OpamPackageVar Resolution and handling of opam variables + filters
  • OpamPinned Specific query and handling of pinned packages
  • OpamRepositoryState loading and handling of the repository state of an opam root (i.e. what is in ~/.opam/repo)
  • OpamScript (generated) Shell config scripts as OCaml strings
  • OpamSpdxList Implementation generated from the SPDX lists at https://spdx.org/licenses/ See the dune file for instructions.
  • OpamStateConfig Configuration options for the state lib (record, global reference, setter, initialisation)
  • OpamStateTypes Defines the types holding global, repository and switch states
  • OpamSwitchAction Switch-related actions and changes
  • OpamSwitchState Loading and querying a switch state
  • OpamSysInteract
  • OpamSysPoll This module polls various aspects of the host, to define the arch, os, etc. variables
  • OpamUpdate Synchronisation and downloading of repositories and package sources

Dependencies: opam-repository