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OUnit testing framework






v2.2.7 - 2022-02-08


  • Handle end of channel in Seq API. #95, @Leonidas-from-XIV

  • Windows and OCaml 5 compatibility. #96, @MisterDA


  • Update to Dune 3.0 for newer stanzas and warnings. #96, @MisterDA

v2.2.6 - 2022-02-08


  • Use package seq to prepare for OCaml 5.00. Thanks to kit-ty-kate.

v2.2.5 - 2022-01-22


  • Remove Thread.kill call, it was anyway not implemented and now it is officially deprecated. (Closes: #85)

v2.2.4 - 2020-12-20


  • Skip AssertCodePosition test if no debug symbols are available. (Closes: #21)

v2.2.3 - 2020-07-11


  • Minimal OCaml version is now 4.04.


  • Make colored output and JUnit features more prominent in the documentation. (Closes: #13, #12)

  • Increase default timeouts, so that they work as well for slow architecture like s390x. The fastest timeout is now 20s (immediate test) and the longest is 1h (huge test). (Closes: #18)

v2.2.2 - 2020-01-24


  • Don't follow symlink in bracket_tmpdir removal code (Closes: #11).

v2.2.1 - 2019-10-02


  • Fix problem with OCaml 4.03 and ambiguous command (Closes: #10).

v2.2.0 - 2019-09-25


  • Rename ounit/ounit-lwt OPAM and library to ounit2/ounit2-lwt. The META file to rename oUnit to ounit was not working on Windows and MacOSX because their filesystems are case insensitive and the install directories were the same. The new ounit2/ounit2-lwt packages avoid name clash on Windows/MacOSX and we still have ounit/ounit-lwt to allow the transition to the new package name. (Closes: #8)

v2.1.2 - 2019-09-23


  • Fix assert_raises type, which has been inadvertently changed during the migration to dune.

  • Add unix dependency to ounit.advanced.

v2.1.1 - 2019-09-23


  • install a backward compatible META to help the transition from oUnit to ounit library name. In order to depend on OUnit now, the name "ounit" should be used (rather than the old "oUnit"). This change allows to be consistent with the name of the opam package.

v2.1.0 - 2019-09-22


  • New logger for CI, like Travis and AppVeyor, with colored output. It is enabled by adding OUNIT_CI=true to environment section of .travis.yml or appveyor.yml.

  • ounit-lwt to build test with OUnit and Lwt. It also allows to use the runner "processes" to run test in parallel. (Closes: OF#1765)


  • assert_command only displays the difference with the initial environment. This avoids to have hundreeds of lines of useless environment variables.

  • Upgrade minimal OCaml version to 4.02, since dune requires at least this version.


  • Run garbage collection in between tests to prevent unexpected bugs in GC (e.g finaliser throwing exceptions). (Closes: OF#1766)


  • Handle infinity and NaN in cmp_float, thanks to Johannes Kloos (Closes: OF#1381)


  • Prevent OUnitLoggerJUnit to fail when the hostname cannot be found, thanks to Bailey Parker for the fix (Closes: OF#1744)


  • Fix internal uppercase_name.


  • Allow to recover from interrupted call. This allows to run more reliably the RunnerProcess with lwt. (Closes: OF#1363)


  • minor bug fixes:

    • replace by Buffer.* to be compatible with OCaml < 4.0.


  • minor bug fixes:

    • use Marshal.from_string to be compatible with OCaml <= 4.01.

    • declare dependency on bytes in _oasis


  • minor bug fixes:

    • replace String.uppercase_ascii.


  • minor bug fixes

  • fix safe-string compatibility issuesi, thanks to Christoph Spiel (Closes: OF#1760, OF#1761)

  • fix some format string errors, thanks to Damien Doligez (Closes: OF#1422)

  • fix backward incompatibility with OUnit v1 (Closes: OF#1392)


  • major rewrite of all the code!

  • implements a quickfix compatible way of outputting failures, it jumps to the a position in the logfile to help you debug the problem.

  • better configuration setup: environment variable, command line options, configuration files (OUnitConf)

  • improved output of the tests: output HTML report, output JUnit report, systematic logging to a file (OUnitLogger*)

  • choose how to run a test: in parallel using processes (auto-detect number of CPU), concurrently using threads or sequentially as before.

  • choose which test to run: just run test in sequence (simple) or run the tests that failed in the last run first and skip the success if they are still failing (failfirst) (OUnitChooser)

  • OUnitBracket: use a registration in the context to make it easier to use

  • remove all useless functions in the OUnit2 interface

  • non-fatal section: allow to fail inside non-fatal section without quitting immediately the whole test

  • refactor to still provides the same function but using OUnit2.

  • timer that makes tests fail if they take too long (runner = processes)

  • allow to parametrize filenames so that you can use OUNIT_OUTPUT_FILE=ounit-$(suite_name)-$(shard_id).log and have $(suite_name) replace by the test suite name

  • create locks to avoid accessing the same resources within a single process or the whole application (OUnitShared)

  • OUnitTestData locate test data, if any.

  • enforce environment cleanness by checking it before and after the test (e.g check that Sys.getcwd is the same).


  • regenerate with oasis v0.3.0~rc6


  • bracket now enforce returning unit

  • update examples

  • ListSimpleMake now use the provided comparator for all elements


  • Add a ~pp_diff parameter to assert_equal and some classic diff operations (Closes: OF#635, OF#642)

  • Add an assert_command function (Closes: OF#641)

  • Add a bracket_tmpfile to ease temporary file use

  • Enhance documentation, translate the docbook manual into ocamldoc and add content

  • Allow to add extra command line arguments to run_test_tt_main (Closes: OF#640)

  • Add a -list-test options to run_test_tt_main, to list available tests

  • Skip tests when using "-only-test", rather than removing it. This way the path is the same even if some tests don't pass (Closes: OF#637)

  • Add backtrace support (Closes: OF#639), thanks to Michael Ekstrand

  • Use OASIS

  • Move to OCaml Forge:

  • Maintenance is now done by Sylvain Le Gall (OCamlCore SARL), thanks to Maas-Maarten Zeeman for all his work


  • Add the possibility to skip test and mark tests as todo


  • Refactored OUnit package. The test result and test event data structures are now clearly separated.


  • Added optional compare function to assert_equal, and a float compare function. Thanks go to Daniel Buenzli


  • Add bracket support (Thanks go to Laurent Vaucher)

  • Add an example for bracket usage


  • Makefile improvements


  • Added findlib support


  • Added assert_raises which checks if an exception is raised. (thanks go to Keita Yamaguchi, for the idea)

  • Fixed (hopefully) the .depend file


  • First release of ocaml-unit

Changelog format

The format is loosely based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

BTS references

  • OF#XX: OCaml Forge BTS (pre-2019)