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Pecu is a little library to encode and decode quoted-printable according to RFC2045 (§ 6.7). It provides a non-blocking encoder/decoder and ensure to respect the 80 characters rule. It provides a fuzzer which test isomorphism between encoder and decoder (and if we respect correctly the 80 characters rule).

This project is a part of an encoder/decoder of e-mail.

Decoder can decode input which does not respect 80 characters rule but it signals to the client if this case appear - which can be an attack entry point. By this way, the decoder provide a best-effort case to the client.

Published: 03 Sep 2018

Dependencies (6)

  1. cmdliner >= "1.0.0"
  2. rresult >= "0.3.0"
  3. uutf
  4. fmt
  5. jbuilder >= "1.0+beta7"
  6. ocaml >= "4.03.0"

Dev Dependencies


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  1. piaf