Functional storage using Merkle Patricia tree
Module type
Class type
Library plebeia
Module type Plebeia . Fs_intf . S
type name

Type of file name

module Path : PATH with type name = name

Path name, a list of names

type raw_cursor

Type for the underlying cursor

type cursor

type for the pointer to a directory/file

type view

Type of Plebeia tree of a file or a directory

type hash

Hash of a file or a directory

type error =
| Is_file of string * Path.t
| Is_directory of string * Path.t
| No_such_file_or_directory of string * Path.t
| File_or_directory_exists of string * Path.t
| Path_decode_failure of Segment.t
| Other of string * string

Errors. The first parameter is the name of the failed API function

type Error.t +=
| FS_error of error
val make : raw_cursor -> Path.t -> cursor

make raw_cursor path wraps raw_cursor which points to path and returns a cursor

val empty : Context.t -> cursor

empty context returns a cursor pointing the empty file system

val context : cursor -> Context.t

Returns the underlying context of the given cursor

val get_raw_cursor : cursor -> raw_cursor

Get the underlying cursor

module Op : sig ... end
module Op_lwt : sig ... end
module Vc : sig ... end

Version control

module Merkle_proof : sig ... end