Syntax extension for writing in-line benchmarks in ocaml code
Module type
Class type
Library ppx_bench.runtime-lib
module Current_libname : sig ... end
module Entry : sig ... end
val add_environment_var : bool

add_environment_var returns true if the benchmarks should be added to the hashtable

val lookup_lib : libname:string -> Entry.t list

lookup_lib returns all the benchmarks from the specified library

val add_bench : name:string -> code:string -> filename:string -> type_conv_path:string -> line:int -> startpos:int -> endpos:int -> Entry.test_spec -> unit

add_bench registers benchmarks with the global hashtable maintained in ppx_bench_lib. This is meant to be called by the code generated for the BENCH and BENCH_INDEXED macros

val add_bench_module : name:string -> code:string -> type_conv_path:string -> filename:string -> line:int -> startpos:int -> endpos:int -> ( unit -> unit ) -> unit

add_bench_module adds a bench module name to the benchmarks. This is called by BENCH_MODULE macro