Falling back to pre-odoc.2.2.0 documentation page...
  • Completly changed the syntax to make this a proper ppx (and not a -pp as it
    previously was).
    The old syntax is now available in ppx_optcomp_old.

  • Depend on ppxlib instead of (now deprecated) ppx_core and ppx_driver.


  • Make it easier to share a .h and .mlh

    Ppx_optcomp was modified to accept defined(X) only if X has been
    seen, either in a #define or #undef. This allow to share config.h
    files between C and OCaml and still be protected against typos in .ml


  • Install standalone ppx-optcomp program that can be run through -pp


  • Change the way optcomp resolve filenames in #import directives

    Do the same as cpp, i.e. for relative filenames, consider they are
    relative to the directory of the file being parsed. This doesn't
    matter internally as build commands are always executed from the
    current directory, but it matters for the public release as everything
    is executed from the root.