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POSIX time for OCaml






Ptime — POSIX time for OCaml


Ptime has platform independent POSIX time support in pure OCaml. It provides a type to represent a well-defined range of POSIX timestamps with picosecond precision, conversion with date-time values, conversion with RFC 3339 timestamps and pretty printing to a human-readable, locale-independent representation.

The additional Ptime_clock library provides access to a system POSIX clock and to the system's current time zone offset.

Ptime is not a calendar library.

Ptime has no dependency. Ptime_clock depends on your system library or JavaScript runtime system. Ptime and its libraries are distributed under the ISC license.

Home page:


Ptime can be installed with opam:

opam install ptime

If you don't use opam consult the opam file for build instructions.


The documentation can be consulted online or via odig doc mtime.

Questions are welcome but better asked on the OCaml forum than on the issue tracker.

Sample programs

See test/

If you installed ptime with opam sample programs are located in the directory opam var ptime:doc.