package stog

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Building a stog structure from a project tree.

val bool_of_string : string -> bool

bool_of_string "0" = false and bool_of_string "false" = false. bool_of_string returns true for any other value.

val read_modules : Types.stog -> Types.stog

read_modules stog read all modules found in directories of the list stog.stog_mod_dirs and return the modified stog structure.

val doc_of_file : Types.stog -> string -> Types.doc

Read an document from the given absolute filename. The file must be "under" the directory in stog_dir of the stog parameter.

val read_stog : string -> Types.stog

Build a Types.stog structure from the given directory.

val fill_doc_from_atts_and_subs : Types.doc -> Xtmpl.Rewrite.attributes -> Types.body -> Types.doc

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