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Interface for plugins.

Even if all modules are accessible from dynamically loaded code, this Plug module should remain compatible from one release to another.

module XR = Xtmpl.Rewrite
module Xml = Xtmpl.Xml
val plugin_config_file : Types.stog -> string -> string

plugin_config_file stog plugin_name returns the configuration file for this plugin name, for consistency purpose.

val register_lang : Intl.lang_abbrev -> Intl.lang_data -> unit
val register_html_base_rule : -> Types.stog XR.callback -> unit

register_html_base_rule name f registers a new function associated to name in the set of base rules of the "html" predefined module.

val doc_by_href : ?typ:string -> ?src_doc:Types.doc -> Types.stog -> 'a -> 'a XR.env -> ?loc:Xml.loc -> string -> 'a * (Types.doc * string * string option) option

doc_by_href ?typ ?src_doc stog env href returns the document, path and optional if matching the given href string, of the form path[#id]. Return None if the document could not be found, of the id could not be found, and an error is issued.

  • parameter src_doc

    can be used to specify the source document, to improve the error message.

val mk_block_node : id:string -> ?label:XR.tree list -> ?clas:string -> title:XR.tree list -> ?counter:string -> short_fmt:XR.tree list -> long_fmt:XR.tree list -> XR.tree list -> XR.tree

mk_block_node ... creates a <block ... with the given information.


type dependency = Types.doc Types.dependency
val add_dep : Types.stog -> Types.doc -> dependency -> Types.stog

For a given document, add a dependency on a file or another document.