val string_of_file : string -> string

string_of_file filename returns the content of filename in the form of one string.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.1
  • raises Sys_error

    if the file could not be opened. @cgname File.string_of_file

val file_of_string : file:string -> string -> unit

file_of_string ~file str creates a file named filename whose content is str.

  • author Fabrice Lefessant
  • version 1.1
  • raises Sys_error

    if the file could not be opened. @cgname File.file_of_string

val split_string : ?keep_empty:bool -> string -> char list -> string list

Separate the given string according to the given list of characters.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.2
  • parameter keep_empty

    is false by default. If set to true, the empty strings between separators are kept. @cgname String.split_string

val strip_string : string -> string

strip_string s removes all leading and trailing spaces from the given string.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.0

@cgname String.strip_string

val strip_blank_lines : string -> string

strip_blank_lines s works as strip_string, but only strips full blank lines, without touching spaces or tabulations.

val lowercase : string -> string

lowercase s lowers the case of the given string, including accentuated characters.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.0

@cgname String.lowercase

val list_chop : int -> 'h list -> 'h list

list_chop n l returns the n first documents of list l or the whole list if n >= List.length l.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.0

@cgname List.list_chop

val mkdir : string -> unit
val is_prefix : string -> string -> bool

is_prefix pattern s returns true if string s begins with pattern.

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.0

@cgname String.is_prefix

val list_remove_doubles : ?pred:('k -> 'k -> bool) -> 'k list -> 'k list

list_remove_doubles ?pred l remove doubles in the given list l, according to the optional equality function pred. Default equality function is (=).

  • author Maxence Guesdon
  • version 1.0

@cgname List.list_remove_doubles

val md5 : string -> string
val count_char : string -> char -> int
val encode_string : string -> string
val map_opt : ('a -> 'b) -> 'a option -> 'b option
val list_concat : ?sep:'a -> 'a list -> 'a list
val dot_to_svg : string -> string
val list_compare : ('a -> 'a -> int) -> 'a list -> 'a list -> int
val filename_extension : string -> string

filename_extension filename returns extension of filename or "" if there is no extension.

val safe_mkdir : string -> unit
val opt_of_string : string -> string option

opt_of_string s returns None if the string if empty (length is 0) or Some s.

  • version 1.0

@cgname String.opt_of_string

val string_of_opt : string option -> string

string_of_opt s_opt returns the empty string if s_opt = None or s if s_opt = Some s.

  • version 1.0

@cgname String.string_of_opt

val file_mtime : string -> float option

Return mdification time of the given file, or None if the file does not exist.

val path_under : parent:string -> string -> string

path_under ~parent file returns the path to file from parent.

  • raises Failure

    if parent is not a prefix of file.

val string_of_time : float -> string