Module type
Class type
module Mnemonic : sig ... end

Mnemonic of 24 common english words from which a key can be derived. The mnemonic follows the BIP-39 spec.

Add to the wallet a new spending key derived from a mnemonic and identified by an alias. The wallet is updated and the corresponding viewing key is returned. If force it will overwrite an existing alias.

val derive : Tezos_client_base.Client_context.full -> ?force:bool -> ?unencrypted:bool -> string -> string -> int -> (string * Tezos_sapling.Core.Client.Viewing_key.t) Tezos_base.TzPervasives.tzresult Lwt.t

derive parent child index derives a key with alias child from an existing key with alias parent at index using ZIP32. If a new index is required the state of the wallet is updated. The path and viewing key corresponding to the generated key are returned.

Generate a new address. If an optional index is provided, try to derive the address at this index, otherwise use the first viable one. Not all indexes correspond to a valid address so successive ones are tried. Once a valid index is found it is recorded in the wallet. Return also the corresponding sk and vk to avoid asking the user multiple times for the description password.