Tezos: generic resource fetching service
Library tezos-requester
module type REQUESTER = sig ... end
module type FULL_REQUESTER = sig ... end
module type DISK_TABLE = sig ... end
module type MEMORY_TABLE = sig ... end
module type REQUEST = sig ... end

Requests abstracts a service used to send asynchronous key requests to peers.

module type PROBE = sig ... end

When a requested value is received, it goes to a validation phase.

module type HASH = sig ... end

An input module of Make

module Make (Hash : HASH) (Disk_table : DISK_TABLE with type key := Hash.t) (Memory_table : MEMORY_TABLE with type key := Hash.t) (Request : REQUEST with type key := Hash.t) (Probe : PROBE with type key := Hash.t and type value := Disk_table.value) : FULL_REQUESTER with type key = Hash.t and type value = Disk_table.value and type param = Probe.param and type request_param = Request.param and type notified_value = Probe.notified_value and type store = Disk_table.store