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A verification context. Stores information involving the commitment values of inputs and outputs and it is used to verify the binding_sig. A context should created with init, passed to check_spend for all inputs and check_output for all outputs, passed to final_check and finally freed with free. *

val with_verification_ctx : (t -> 'a) -> 'a
val check_spend : t -> Validator.UTXO.input -> Validator.Hash.t -> string -> bool

Checks the zero-knowledge proof for spending money, the spend_sig, and stores info in the context. String is the anti-replay. *

val check_output : t -> Validator.UTXO.output -> bool

Checks the zero-knowledge proof for creating money and stores information in the context *

val final_check : Validator.Verification.t -> Validator.UTXO.Legacy.transaction -> string -> bool