Falling back to pre-odoc.2.2.0 documentation page...



  • enable type inference for Menhir

  • compatibility with recent dune version

  • remove everything related to cconv

  • bump minimal OCaml version to 4.08


  • treat quoted and bare keys the same with respect to comparison

  • bump minimal OCaml version to 4.07

  • add support for arrays of inline tables

  • add support for dates without times

  • fix printer bug with triple quotes


  • change the structure of the toml library and rename some modules

  • rename toml-cconv to toml_cconv

  • improve print_string output

  • switch to GitHub actions and deploy documentation on gh-pages


  • migration to dune

  • split between toml and toml-cconv

  • compatibility with safe-string for OCaml 4.06

  • remove dependency on str


  • Reintroduces public data types (major breaking change).

  • Exception-safe parsing interface.

  • Add lenses for accessing/updating nested data.


  • Add support for version 0.4 of the language.


  • Fixed dependencies.


  • Numerous convenience functions to reduce verbosity

  • Fix wrong error location returned when parsing an invalid Toml file

  • Parsing a Toml file always throws TomlParser.Error and never Failure

  • Add array of tables

  • Add @since tags in the documentation

  • Add changelog

2.0.0 and 2.1.0

  • Add LGPL licence

  • New parser with menhir

  • Support for nested arrays

  • Support for dates (with Unix.tm type)

  • Support for unicodes espaces ('\uXXXX')

  • Remove the "toml" prefix from type names

  • Add Toml printer

  • Abstract internal types in modules (for constraint application and code

  • A lot more documentation in source code and Readme

  • Display error location when a ParseError occurs


  • Base parser from ocamllex and ocamlyacc