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The transitory OCaml software packager






v1.0.7 2022-01-20 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Fix install of C stubs in byte code only installations.
    Thanks to @kit-ty-kate for the investigation (#140).

v1.0.6 2022-11-04 Zagreb

  • Fix native dynlink detection on OCaml 5.0 and thus cmxs file
    installation. Thanks to @kit-ty-kate for the report and the patch.

v1.0.5 2022-01-28 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Topkg.String.parse_version. Support for the new OCaml
    version string format (

  • Switch from opam config var to opam var.

  • Fix compilation for next version of cmdliner.

v1.0.4 2021-10-04 Zagreb

  • Remove mentions of Result.result in the code base. We got the
    dependency indirectly through bos and the latest version of the
    latter no longer depends on it.

v1.0.3 2020-09-19 Zagreb

  • Fix for OCaml 4.12. The M.() notation is evil.
    Thanks to Florian Angeletti for the fix.

v1.0.2 2020-07-30 Zagreb

  • Support OCaml configurations without shared library support
    (#136). Thanks to Antonio Nuno Monteiro for the help.

v1.0.1 2019-07-19 Zagreb

  • Require OCaml 4.03 and handle various stdlib deprecations.

  • Drop result dependency.

  • Fix an upcoming Fmt incompability.

  • Addition of synopsis and description fields to the
    opam file generated for the tarball.

v1.0.0 2018-10-14 Zagreb

  • Support (only) for opam-publish v2.0.0. The --pkg-opam-dir option
    of topkg opam to indicate the old-style opam package directory to
    submit is renamed to --opam-publish-file to indicate the opam file
    to submit.

  • Add topkg opam publish command, alias of topkg opam submit.

  • Toy github delegate: make curl follow redirects. Before obscure
    failures would result when repos got moved around (#120). Thanks
    to Richard Mortier for the report.

  • Fix infinite loop in Topkg.OS.File.write_subst. This could result
    in topkg distrib never finishing (#128). Thanks to Christophe
    Troestler for reporting and Jérémie Dimino for the patch.

  • Add .ps and .eps files to default watermarking excludes.
    Thanks Christophe Troestler for the suggestion (#128).

  • Use command -v rather than type to check for tool existence.
    Thanks to Hannes Mehnert for the patch.

v0.9.1 2017-10-16 Zagreb

  • Make topkg build return a non-zero exit code when the build
    fails. Thanks to Etienne Millon for the patch.

  • Improve topkg doc for jbuilder users. Thanks to Thomas
    Gazagnaire for the patch.

  • ocamlbuild users: default to parallel builds. This can
    be controlled via the --jobs command line argument. Thanks
    to Edwin Török for the patch.

v0.9.0 La Forclaz (VS)

  • Deprecate --pinned in favor of --dev-pkg in the build command.
    The semantics is the same and with opam < 2.0 it should still be set
    to "%{pinned}%". With opam >= 2.0 it should be set to "%{dev}%"
    this allows to infer the correct build context for (non-pinned) VCS
    packages (#79).

  • Improve ocamlbuild cross-compilation support. Adds the
    Conf.toolchain configuration key. If specified on the command line
    or via the TOPKG_CONF_TOOLCHAIN environment variable, its value is
    used with the -toolchain option introduced in ocamlbuild 0.11.0
    in default build command Pkg.build_cmd. If unspecified the default
    build command is left unchanged. Thanks to whitequark for the patch.

  • Add the --raw ARG repeteable option to the build command. Allows
    to skip package build instructions and opam install file generation
    to simply invoke the package build command with the ARG argument.

  • topkg doc (ocamlbuild specific). Build the documentation using
    the package build command and --raw arguments. Avoids problems
    encountered by packages that use ocamlbuild plugins (#80).

  • Add the cma, cmxa and cmxs optional arguments to Pkg.mllib.
    These allow to precisely specify what you (don't) want to build. They
    all default to true. Thanks to Stephen Dolan for the suggestion.

  • Add Pkg.lib_root and Pkg.libexec_root install fields. Warning
    these are opam 2.0 only fields.

  • Change test command for multi-opam packages by mirroring the way
    the build command works. The --pkg-name or -n option specifies
    the package's test to run or list. If unspecified the default
    package is tested, before pkg/ test would list and run
    the last built package. This means that if you have pkg/ build -n PKG && pkg/pkg test invocations you need to turn them into
    pkg/ build -n PKG && pkg/pkg test -n PKG.

  • Fix topkg run, do not run .so and .cmxs files.

  • Fix changelog parsing. Subsections of an entry were not being properly
    parsed (#103).

  • Fix topkg opam pkg's url file generation for github users which
    have dev-repo: with opam "version control bound" uris (#106).

  • Depends at least on cmdliner.1.0.0 and opam-format (opam-lib
    is out).

v0.8.1 2016-11-02 Zagreb

  • Add Pkg.{nothing,flatten}. Thanks to David Kaloper Meršinjak for the
    suggestion and the patch.

v0.8.0 2016-10-31 Zagreb

  • Add Conf.debugger_support a configuration key to inform to the
    build system it should build and install build artefacts for
    debuggers. Packages using Pkg.{mlib,clib} descriptions will handle
    this automatically. The key can be set globally in a switch via the
    TOPKG_CONF_DEBUGGER_SUPPORT environment variable (#77).

  • Add Pkg.{ocb_tag,ocb_bool_tag,ocb_bool_tags} to easily extend
    ocamlbuild invocations according to the build configuration (#78). Thanks
    to David Kaloper Meršinjak for the idea and the patch.

  • Add Exts.interface for installing mli only compilation units (#74).

  • Pkg.mllib description. Correct support for mllib which have subpaths (#75).

  • Documentation generation. Fix support in the presence of ocamlbuild
    plugins (#80). Thanks to David Kaloper Meršinjak for the report
    and the patch.

  • Documentation generation. If there is no doc/style.css but odig is
    installed, use its ocamldoc stylesheet. This allows to see how it will
    be rendered by odig and avoids maintaining stylesheets in repos.

v0.7.9 2016-09-21 Zagreb

  • Better package parsing in ocamlbuild _tags files. Thanks
    to Thomas Gazagnaire for the report.

  • Remove references to internal names in the API.

v0.7.8 2016-08-09 Zagreb

  • Add a --profile configuration key. Thanks to David Kaloper
    Meršinjak for the patch.

  • Add OS.File.write_subst. Allows clients to substitute watermark
    like variables in hooks.

  • Add Pkg.{build,clean}_cmd. Allows clients to extend the default
    build system invocation.

  • Be more quiet on package builds (log the .install file
    written message at info level).

  • Remove Topkg_care.Browser. Depend on the webbrowser package

v0.7.7 2016-07-13 Cambridge (UK)

  • Test description, allow to specify a working directory
    for the test via the ?dir optional argument. Thanks
    to Thomas Gazagnaire for suggesting.

  • Fix behaviour of pinned distribution watermarking when
    git repo is not at the root directory of the package and
    --vcs true is forced.

  • Fix pkg/'s main's ignoring TOPKG_VERBOSITY's value.

  • Toy GitHub delegate: fix log verbosity propagation.

  • Fix Vcs.is_dirty to detect untracked files. Thanks to Hannes Mehnert.

  • Pager, do not try to discover if TERM variable is undefined.

  • Add topkg run to easily run built executables.

v0.7.6 2016-07-01 Cambridge (UK)

  • Add pkg/ clean command. Removes the opam install file
    and performs an effect that can be specified via clean in the description. The topkg clean command now simply forwards
    to this command.

  • Change the signature of the build command cmd in the
    specification. This is an API breaking change but does not affect any
    published package. See #53 for details.

  • Add Conf.OCaml.word_size. Reports the bit word size for
    the programs that are produced by a given compiler.

  • Build configuration key parsing. Fail hard on any error instead
    of warn and continue (#56). Thanks to Thomas Gazagnaire for suggesting
    the previous idea was a terrible one.

  • Add a --debug configuration key. Defaults to true or the value
    of the TOPKG_CONF_DEBUG environment variable. The default build
    system invocation is changed to enable save of debugging information
    in build artefacts if they key is true. The key is generally not
    meant to be specified by packagers so that the policy can changed in
    bulk over topkg packages (#54).

  • Pkg.files_to_watermark default function. Make sure only files are
    returned (#58). Fixes problems with symlinks to directories in git
    checkout. Thanks to Thomas Gazagnaire for reporting.

  • Improve error message of some Topkg.OS functions (#57).

  • Remove deprecated --installer configuration key.

  • topkg lint fix regression in error opam lint report.

v0.7.5 2016-06-22 Cambridge (UK)

  • topkg doc add short option -d for --dev.

  • Fix Pkg.mllib, module list was lowercased rather than uncapitalized.

v0.7.4 2016-06-17 Cambridge (UK)

  • Add test description and run support. New topkg test command.

  • Add distribution publication description support. Allows to define the
    set of default publication artefacts in the package description. The cli
    syntax of topkg publish for alternative artefacts changes from
    alt KIND to alt-KIND.

  • Distributed (and thus installed) opam files are now properly
    versioned via the version: field.

  • Improve tarball reproducibility across systems by not relying on the
    VCS checkout state for determining the read and write rights (#43).

  • opam package submission: use the opam-publish submit message
    to append the release notes to the submission.

  • Toy GitHub delegate: improve user authentication by trying to steal
    an existing opam-publish token.

  • Toy GitHub delegate: improve package documentation publication. Thanks
    to Thomas Gazagnaire for the patches.

  • Error message and IPC logging level propagation improvements. Thanks to
    Thomas Gazagnaire for the help.

v0.7.3 2016-06-12 Cambridge (UK)

  • Change pin build detection (#44). This changes opam build
    instruction for packages. Substitute "--installer" "true" by
    "--pinned" "%{pinned}%" in build instructions. The
    --installer option is deprecated and has no effect.

v0.7.2 2016-06-02 Cambridge (UK)

  • Pkg.describe, allow multiple readme, change log and license files.
    The optional arguments readme, change_log and license become
    readmes, change_logs, licenses with the same default. When
    topkg needs to act on a change log (e.g. topkg log) or readme
    (e.g. topkg opam descr), it acts on the first element of
    change_log and/or readmes.

  • Fix Conf.vcs discovery to only look for a git
    directory in the build directory (#42).

v0.7.1 2016-05-26 Arbaz (VS)

  • Improve Windows support. Thanks to Andreas Hauptmann for the help.

v0.7.0 2016-05-22 La Forclaz (VS)

First release.