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The transitory OCaml software packager






Topkg — The transitory OCaml software packager


Topkg is a packager for distributing OCaml software. It provides an
API to describe the files a package installs in a given build
configuration and to specify information about the package's
distribution, creation and publication procedures.

The optional topkg-care package provides the topkg command line tool
which helps with various aspects of a package's life cycle: creating
and linting a distribution, releasing it on the WWW, publish its
documentation, add it to the OCaml opam repository, etc.

Topkg is distributed under the ISC license and has no
dependencies. This is what your packages will need as a build

Topkg-care is distributed under the ISC license it depends on
fmt, logs, bos, cmdliner,
webbrowser and opam-format.

Home page:


Topkg and topkg-care can be installed with opam:

opam install topkg       # All you need for your packages
opam install topkg-care  # topkg binary, takes care of your packages

If you don't use opam consult the topkg.opam and
topkg-care.opam files for build instructions.


A basic introduction and API reference is automatically generated by
ocamldoc from the interfaces. It can be consulted online.

The topkg command line tool is extensively documented in man pages
available through it's help system. Type:

topkg help release # for help about releasing your package
topkg help         # for more help