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OCaml 4.05.0

This page describes OCaml version 4.05.0, released on 2017-07-13.

Opam Switches

This release is available as multiple OPAM switches:

  • 4.05.0 — Official 4.05.0 release
  • 4.05.0+flambda — Official 4.05.0 release with flambda enabled
  • 4.05.0+fp — Official 4.05.0 release with frame pointers
  • 4.05.0+safe-string - Official 4.05.0 release with -safe-string enabled
  • 4.05.0+spacetime - Official 4.05.0 release with -spacetime profiling enabled
  • 4.05.0+afl — Official 4.05.0 release with support for afl-fuzz instrumentation

What's new

OCaml 4.05 comprises mainly bug fixes, with some improvements in performance and usability. For a comprehensive list of changes and details on all new features, bug fixes, optimizations, etc., please consult the changelog. There is also a crowdsourced annotated changelog for 4.05.0 which contains extra commentaries and examples.

Source distribution

  • Source tarball (.tar.gz) for compilation under Unix (including Linux and MacOS X) and Microsoft Windows (including Cygwin).

  • Also available in .zip format.

  • OPAM is a source-based distribution of OCaml and many companion libraries and tools. Compilation and installation are automated by powerful package managers.

  • The official development repo is hosted on GitHub.

The INSTALL file of the distribution provides detailed compilation and installation instructions -- see also the Windows release notes for instructions on how to build under Windows.

Alternative Compilers

Additionally, the following projects allow you to compile OCaml code to targets traditionally associated with other languages:

  • Js_of_ocaml is a stable OCaml to JavaScript compiler.

  • BuckleScript is a newer OCaml to JavaScript compiler. See its wiki for an explanation of how it differs from js_of_ocaml.

  • OCaml-java is a stable OCaml to Java compiler.

User's manual

The user's manual for OCaml can be: