This module contains code that is common across generated AWS libraries as well as pure code that is useful in writing runtime implementations for the AWS libraries.

module Error : sig ... end

This contains errors that are returned from AWS api calls.

module Request : sig ... end

This contains the http-library agnostic representation of requests to be used by runtime implementations.

module type Call = sig ... end

All AWS api operations should have type Call. Runtime implementation should take as input modules of type Call.

type ('i, 'o, 'e) call = (module Call with type error = 'e and type input = 'i and type output = 'o)
module Time : sig ... end

This module provides parsing / formatting for AWS style timestamps. For example: 2013-05-24T21:15:31.000Z It does not parse the milliseconds (it just truncates them).

module Query : sig ... end

This module is used to produce the nested url query structure used in AWS api requests.

module Xml : sig ... end

This module contains helpers used for XML parsing. It wraps Ezxmlm and adds helpers.

module Json : sig ... end

This module contains a Json type (compatible with Yojson.Basic.t) and helpers.

module Util : sig ... end

This module contains various helpers used in generated code.

module Signing : sig ... end

This module contains the V2 and V4 Authorization header AWS signature algorithm.

module BaseTypes : sig ... end

This module contains base case types for the various datatypes used as input or output by AWS api calls.

module Endpoints : sig ... end