package alt-ergo-lib

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type t
exception Sat of t
exception Unsat of Explanation.t
exception I_dont_know of t
val empty : unit -> t

the empty sat-solver context

val empty_with_inst : (Expr.t -> bool) -> t
val push : t -> int -> t

push env n add n new assertion levels. A guard g is added for every expression e assumed at the current assertion level. Ie. assuming e after the push will become g -> e, a g will be forced to be true (but not propagated at level 0)

val pop : t -> int -> t

pop env n remove an assertion level. Internally, the guard g introduced in the push correponsding to this pop will be propagated to false (at level 0)

val assume : t -> Expr.gformula -> Explanation.t -> t

assume env f assume a new formula f in env. Raises Unsat if f is unsatisfiable in env

val assume_th_elt : t -> Expr.th_elt -> Explanation.t -> t

assume env f exp assume a new formula f with the explanation exp in the theories environment of env.

val pred_def : t -> Expr.t -> string -> Explanation.t -> Loc.t -> t

pred_def env f assume a new predicate definition f in env.

val unsat : t -> Expr.gformula -> Explanation.t

unsat env f size checks the unsatisfiability of f in env. Raises I_dont_know when the proof tree's height reaches size. Raises Sat if f is satisfiable in env

val print_model : header:bool -> Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

print_model header fmt env print propositional model and theory model on the corresponding fmt.

val reset_refs : unit -> unit