Protocol handler for the Address Resolution Protocol

This library provides a pure implementation of ARP, which handles only IPv4 addresses as protocol and Ethernet (MAC) addresses as hardware. This is the most common usage of ARP currently. There is no support for other types of addresses. ARP is initially specified in , RFC826, and further refined in , RFC1122 and partially , RFC5227.

The ARP handler consists of a cache, which maps IPv4 addresses to Ethernet addresses, and access to it. Its configuration is set during construction, together with the own IPv4 address and Ethernet address. The cache can be modified with static entries of other hosts, IPv4 aliases, removal of entries. Outgoing frames always use its main IPv4 address. Whether an entry is available or not can be inspected.

The ARP handler can process network input, which may extend the cache with dynamic ARP entries which time out after the configured period. Periodic calls to tick are required for the timeout and retry mechanisms. Since ARP usually uses network communication, callers may query the cache and wait until either a response was received or a timeout occured after several retries.

The embedded merge strategy is simple: static entries always win (and thus, both alias and static overwrite existing entries). Log messages at the are generated if an ARP reply wants to overwrite a static entry, or the Ethernet address of a dynamic entry changed.

ARP frames which should be send on the wire are given as a pair of buffer and destination address, to be passed to the underlying layer (usually Ethernet). When adding entries, gratuitous ARP frames are to be sent.

While the Arp_packet module is exposed, for normal operation it is not needed, but this module should be sufficient.

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type 'a t

The type of an ARP handler. It is polymorphic over the tasks waiting for an ARP reply.


val create : ?timeout:int -> ?retries:int -> ?logsrc:Logs.src -> Macaddr.t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> 'a t * (Cstruct.t * Macaddr.t)

create ~timeout ~retries mac ip) is t, garp. The constructor of the ARP handler, specifying timeouts (defaults to 1200) and amount of retries (defaults to 5). For the given IPv4 address a gratuitous ARP request will be encoded in garp. The value of timeout is the number of Tick events.

  • raises Invalid_argument

    is timeout is 0 or negative or retries is negative.

val pp : Format.formatter -> 'a t -> unit

pp ppf t prints the ARP handler t on ppf by iterating over all cache entries.


val ip : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t

ip t is ip, the configured IPv4 address.

val in_cache : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> Macaddr.t option

in_cache t ip is mac option, a MAC address if the ARP cache contains an entry, None otherwise.

Operations on the cache

val static : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> Macaddr.t -> 'a t * 'a option

static t ip mac is t', as, where t' is t extended with a static ARP entry using the given ip and mac. The tasks waiting for ip are as.

val alias : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> 'a t * (Cstruct.t * Macaddr.t) * 'a option

alias t ip is t', out, as, where t' is t extended by a static ARP entry for ip. This entry will be used to answer further ARP requests. out is a gratuitous ARP frame. The tasks waiting for ip are as.

val remove : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> 'a t

remove t ip is t', where ip is no longer in the cache.


val tick : 'a t -> 'a t * (Cstruct.t * Macaddr.t) list * 'a list

tick t is t', requests, timeouts, which advances the state t into t'. Possibly retransmissions of ARP requests need to be done, provided in the requests list. Timed out queries are in the timeouts list.

val input : 'a t -> Cstruct.t -> 'a t * (Cstruct.t * Macaddr.t) option * (Macaddr.t * 'a) option

input t buf is t', reply, w, which handles the input buffer buf in the state t. The state is transformed into t'. If it was an ARP request for one of our IPv4 addresses, an ARP reply should be send out reply. If the input was an awaited ARP reply, some elements w can be informed.

type 'a qres =
  1. | Mac of Macaddr.t
  2. | Wait of 'a
  3. | RequestWait of Cstruct.t * Macaddr.t * 'a

The type returned by query, either a Mac and a mac address, or Wait for a reply, or RequestWait, consisting of an ARP request to be send on the wire, and await its answer.

val query : 'a t -> Ipaddr.V4.t -> ('a option -> 'a) -> 'a t * 'a qres

query t ip merge is t', qres, which looks for the ip in the cache. If it is found, its value is Mac mac. If the ip is not in the cache, either some 'a is waiting for it already, then the value is Wait a, where a is produced by applying merge (Some 'a) to the waiting thing. Otherwise, both an ARP request needs to be send out, and the value of merge None is put into the cache, both as part of RequestWait.