package awsm-lwt

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Module type
Class type
val get : ?profile:string -> ?aws_access_key_id:string -> ?aws_secret_access_key:string -> ?region:Awsm.Region.t -> ?output:string -> unit -> (Awsm.Cfg.t, string) Core.Result.t Lwt.t

Get a configuration, following a provider chain as follows:

  • First search for a config file by taking the first one found in the following order: config_file argument to this function if any, environment variable AWS_CONFIG_FILE if set, and finally "~/.aws/config". It is okay for none to exist.
  • Within the config file, settings are chosen from the specified profile, which is taken as the first one of the following: profile argument to this function if given, environment variable AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE if set, and finally "default".
  • Then each config parameter is set to the first value found in the following order: corresponding argument to this function, corresponding environment variable (AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID, AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, AWS_SESSION_TOKEN, and AWS_DEFAULT_REGION), or value from the profile found above.
val get_exn : ?profile:string -> ?aws_access_key_id:string -> ?aws_secret_access_key:string -> ?region:Awsm.Region.t -> ?output:string -> unit -> Awsm.Cfg.t Lwt.t

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