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Full standard library replacement for OCaml


Dune Dependency






  • Fix 4.07 build (#52, fixes #47)

  • Fix backtrace truncation problem (fix #44)


  • Deprecated Not_found, people who need it can use Caml.Not_found, but its use isn't recommended.

  • Added the Sexp.Not_found_s exception which will replace Caml.Not_found as the default exception in a future release.

  • Document that Array.find_exn, Array.find_map_exn, and Array.findi_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that Hashtbl.find_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that List.find_exn, and List.find_map_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that List.find_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Document that String.lsplit2_exn, and String.rsplit2_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Added Sys.backend_type.

  • Removed unnecessary unit argument from Hashtbl.create.

  • Removed deprecated operations from Hashtbl.

  • Removed Hashable.t constructors from Hashtbl and Hash_set, instead favoring the first-class module constructors.

  • Removed Container operations from Either.First and Either.Second.

  • Changed the type of fold_until in the Container interfaces. Rather than returning a Finished_or_stopped_early.t (which has also been removed), the function now takes a finish function that will be applied the result if f never returned a Stop _.

  • Removed the String_dict module.

  • Added a Queue module that is backed by an Option_array for efficient and (non-allocating) implementations of most operations.

  • Added a Poly submodule to Map and Set that exposes constructors that use polymorphic compare.

  • Deprecated all_ignore in the Monad and Applicative interfaces in favor of all_unit.

  • Deprecated Array.replace_all in favor of Array.map_inplace, which is the standard name for that sort of operation within Base.

  • Document that List.find_exn, and List.find_map_exn may throw Caml.Not_found or Not_found_s.

  • Make ~compare a required argument to List.dedup_and_sort, List.dedup, List.find_a_dup, List.contains_dup, and List.find_all_dups.

  • Removed List.exn_if_dup. It is still available in core_kernel.

  • Removed "normalized" index operation List.slice. It is still available in core_kernel.

  • Remove "normalized" index operations from Array, which incluced Array.normalize, Array.slice, Array.nget and Array.nset. These operations are still available in core_kernel.

  • Added Uniform_array module that is just like an Array except guarantees that the representation array is not tagged with Double_array_tag, the tag for float arrays.

  • Added Option_array module that allows for a compact representation of 'a optoin array, which avoids allocating heap objects representing Some a.

  • Remove "normalized" index operations from String, which incluced String.normalize, String.slice, String.nget and String.nset. These operations are still available in core_kernel.

  • Added missing conversions between Int63 and other integer types, specifically, the versions that return options.

  • Added truncating versions of integer conversions, with a suffix of _trunc. These allow fast conversions via bit arithmetic without any conditional failure; excess bits beyond the width of the output type are simply dropped.

  • Added, similar to

  • Reimplemented so that it does not allocate.

  • Added String.is_substring_at string ~pos ~substring. Used it as back-end for is_suffix and is_prefix.

  • Moved all remaining Replace_polymorphic_compare submodules from Base types and consolidated them in one place within Import0.

  • Removed (<=.) and its friends.

  • Added Sys.argv.

  • Added a infix exponentation operator for int.

  • Added a Formatter module to reexport the Format.formatter type and updated the deprecation message for Format.


(Changes that can break existing programs are marked with a "*")


  • Generalized the type of Printf.ifprintf to reflect OCaml's stdlib.

  • Made Sequence.fold_m and iter_m respect Skip steps and explicitly bind when they occur.

  • Changed Float.is_negative and is_non_positive on NaN to return false rather than true.

  • Fixed the Validate.protect function, which was mistakenly raising exceptions.

API changes

  • Renamed Map.add as set, and deprecated add. A later feature will add add and add_exn in the style of Hashtbl.

  • A different hash function is used to implement [Base.Int.hash]. The old implementation was [Int.abs] but collision resistance is not enough, we want avalanching as well. The new function is an adaptation of one of the Thomas Wang hash functions to OCaml (63-bit integers), which results in reasonably good avalanching.

  • Made open Base expose infix float operators (+., -., etc.).

  • Renamed List.dedup to List.dedup_and_sort, to better reflect its existing behavior.

  • Added Hashtbl.find_multi and Map.find_multi.

  • Added function Map.of_increasing_sequence for constructing a Map.t from an ordered Sequence.t

  • Added function List.chunks_of : 'a t -> length : int -> 'a t t, for breaking a list into chunks of equal length.

  • Add to module Random numeric functions that take upper and lower inclusive bounds, e.g. Random.int_incl : int -> int -> int.

  • Replaced Exn.Never_elide_backtrace with Backtrace.elide, a ref cell that determines whether Backtrace.to_string and Backtrace.sexp_of_t elide backtraces.

  • Exposed infix operator Base.( @@ ).

  • Exposed modules Base.Continue_or_stop and Finished_or_stopped_early, used with the Container.fold_until function.

  • Exposed module types Base.T, T1, T2, and T3.

  • Added Sequence.Expert functions next_step and delayed_fold_step, for clients that want to explicitly handle Skip steps.

  • Added Bytes module. This includes the submodules From_string and To_string with blit functions. N.B. the signature (and name) of unsafe_to_string and unsafe_of_string are different from the one in the standard library (and hopefully more explicit).

  • Add bytes functions to Buffer. Also added Buffer.content_bytes, the analog of contents but that returns bytes rather than string.

  • Enabled -safe-string.

  • Added function Int63.of_int32, which was missing.

  • Deprecated a number of String mutating functions.

  • Added module Obj_array, moved in from Core_kernel.

  • In module type Hashtbl.Accessors, removed deprecated functions, moving them into a new module type, Deprecated.

  • Exported sexp_* types that are recognized by ppx_sexp_* converters: sexp_array, sexp_list, sexp_opaque, sexp_option.

  • Reworked the Or_error module's interface, moving the Container.S interface to an Ok submodule, and adding functions is_ok, is_error, and ok to more closely resemble the interface of the Result module.

  • Removed Int.O.of_int_exn.

  • Exposed Base.force function.

  • Changed the deprecation warning for mod to recommend ( % ) rather than Caml.( mod ).

Performance related changes

  • Optimized, removing its closure allocation.

  • Optimized String.mem to not allocate.

  • Optimized Float.is_negative, is_non_negative, is_positive, and is_non_positive to avoid some boxing.

  • Changed Hashtbl.merge to relax its equality check on the input tables' Hashable.t records, checking physical equality componentwise if the records aren't physically equal.

  • Added Result.combine_errors, similar to Or_error.combine_errors, with a slightly different type.

  • Added Result.combine_errors_unit, similar to Or_error.combine_errors_unit.

  • Optimized the With_return.return type by adding the [@@unboxed] attribute.

  • Improved a number of deprecation warnings.


Initial release.