package base

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Module type
Class type
type nonrec ('src, 'dst) blit = src:'src -> src_pos:int -> dst:'dst -> dst_pos:int -> len:int -> unit
type nonrec ('src, 'dst) blito = src:'src -> ?src_pos:int -> ?src_len:int -> dst:'dst -> ?dst_pos:int -> unit -> unit
type nonrec ('src, 'dst) sub = 'src -> pos:int -> len:int -> 'dst
type nonrec ('src, 'dst) subo = ?pos:int -> ?len:int -> 'src -> 'dst
module type S = sig ... end
module type S1 = sig ... end
module type S_distinct = sig ... end
module type Sequence = sig ... end
module type Sequence1 = sig ... end

There are various Make* functors that turn an unsafe_blit function into a blit function. The functors differ in whether the sequence type is monomorphic or polymorphic, and whether the src and dst types are distinct or are the same.

The blit functions make sure the slices are valid and then call unsafe_blit. They guarantee at a call unsafe_blit ~src ~src_pos ~dst ~dst_pos ~len that:

len > 0
&& src_pos >= 0
&& src_pos + len <= get_src_len src
&& dst_pos >= 0
&& dst_pos + len <= get_dst_len dst

The Make* functors also automatically create unit tests.

module Make (Sequence : sig ... end) : S with type t := Sequence.t

Make is for blitting between two values of the same monomorphic type.

module Make_distinct (Src : Sequence) (Dst : sig ... end) : S_distinct with type src := Src.t with type dst := Dst.t

Make_distinct is for blitting between values of distinct monomorphic types.

module Make1 (Sequence : Sequence1) : S1 with type 'a t := 'a Sequence.t

Make1 is for blitting between two values of the same polymorphic type.

module Make1_generic (Sequence : Sequence1) : S1 with type 'a t := 'a Sequence.t

Make1_generic is for blitting between two values of the same container type that's not fully polymorphic (in the sense of Container.Generic).


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