package benchmark

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1.6 2018-09-07

  • Port to Dune (not the former Jbuilder) and dune-release.

  • Fix some typos in the documentation.

1.5 2018-05-17

  • Port to Dune/Jbuilder and Topkg.

  • Add option --all to the Tree.arg.

  • Fix uncaught exception in Tree.run_global.

Very old changes

2004-08-22 Troestler Christophe

  • Code mostly rewritten to improve clarity (and to correct some bugs). Allows to return multiple times for a given test. Student's statistical test to determine whether two rates are significantly different (see log_gamma, betai, cpl_student_t, comp_rates and different_rates).

  • benchmark.mli: The documentation is greatly improved. Functions make, add, sub instead of create, sum, diff for uniformity with the OCaml standard library.

2004-08-18 Troestler Christophe

  • benchmark: Checked Doug Bagley module in CVS.


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