Bigstring intrinsics and fast blits based on memcpy/memmove

The OCaml compiler has a bunch of intrinsics for Bigstrings, but they're not
widely-known, sometimes misused, and programs that use Bigstrings are slower
than they have to be. And even if a library got that part right and exposed
the intrinsics properly, the compiler doesn't have any fast blits between
Bigstrings and other string-like types.

So here they are. Go crazy.


Install the library and its dependencies via OPAM:

opam install bigstringaf


To install development dependencies, pin the package from the root of the

opam pin add -n bigstringaf .
opam install --deps-only bigstringaf

After this, you may install a development version of the library using the
install command as usual.

For building and running the tests during development, you will need to install
the alcotest package:

opam install alcotest
make test


BSD3, see LICENSE file for its text.