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UNIX version of BLS12-381 primitives implementing the virtual package bls12-381


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UNIX version of BLS12-381 primitives implementing the virtual package bls12-381

Published: 22 Mar 2021


OCaml implementation of BLS12-381


# if you implement a library and you don't need an actual implementation
opam install bls12-381
# to target UNIX
opam insall bls12-381-unix
# to target JavaScript, to be used with jsoo.
opam install bls12-381-js

See below how to use in your project.

Run tests

dune runtest
dune build @test/js/browser/serve # Check _build/default/test/js/browser and run `npm run serve`

To get the coverage (only ok for bls12-381-unix and bls12-381-gen)

dune runtest --instrument-with bisect_ppx --force
bisect-ppx-report html

How to use in my project

If you are developing a library using bls12-381, you only need to add bls12-381 in the dependency list. However, if you are writing a binary, three packages are relevant:

  • bls12-381-unix: to be used for UNIX

  • bls12-381-js: to be used to target JavaScript. It does rely on the node packages listed here, version >= 0.8.1, and suppose this module is loaded before in the global namespace under the name _RUSTC_BLS12_381. See test/js/browser/ for an example. You need to use the appropriate package depending on the platform you target (Node or a bundler for the browser). For instance, if you target Node (resp. a bundler like webpack for a browser usage), you must use @dannywillems/rustc-bls12-381-node (resp. @dannywillems/rustc-bls12-381).

  • bls12-381-js-gen: if the module is loaded somewhere else than in the global namespace like the previous package supposes, you can use this third library that provides functors. The functors are expecting a module of the signature:

      val rust_module : unit -> Jsoo_lib.ESModule.t
      val get_wasm_memory_buffer : unit -> Jsoo_lib.Memory.Buffer.t

    (note: functions are not directly evaluated values are required because the module might not already be loaded when loading the JavaScript resulting file and the wasm memory buffer being a view over a ArrayBuffer might be invalid if the buffer size is increased at runtime). You can see an example in the src/js.

For more examples, see the test directories.

Run the benchmarks

opam install core_bench
dune exec benchmark/bench_ec.exe
dune exec benchmark/bench_ff.exe
dune exec benchmark/bench_pairing.exe


opam install odoc
dune build @doc

Dependencies (11)

  1. tezos-rust-libs = "1.1"
  2. bls12-381 = version
  3. bls12-381-gen = version
  4. ctypes-foreign
  5. ctypes >= "0.18.0" & < "0.19.0"
  6. zarith >= "1.10" & < "2.0"
  7. ff-sig >= "0.6.1" & < "0.7.0"
  8. dune-configurator build
  9. dune >= "2.8.4"
  10. conf-rust build
  11. ocaml >= "4.08"

Dev Dependencies (2)

  1. ff-pbt >= "0.6.0" & < "0.7.0" & with-test
  2. alcotest with-test

Used by (4)

  1. tezos-base >= "10.2" & < "13.0"
  2. tezos-client-base-unix = "10.2"
  3. tezos-crypto = "10.2"
  4. tezos-protocol-environment >= "12.0" & < "13.0"




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