package bls12-381

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Implementation of BLS12-381 and some cryptographic primitives built on top of it


Dune Dependency







  • Move to dune 3.0.0 (

  • Drop alpine 3.14 and alpine 3.15 (24ec4f9bb95a661eb293c0b7e2afa28cf3cf532f)

  • Support OCaml 5.0.0 (

  • Fix NPM registry publishing (

  • CI: add a check on PR verifying has been modified

  • Tests: fix emcc dependency when installing the library with --with-test. See

  • CI: test opam install --with-test

  • CI: merge alpine and debian script

  • OPAM: add missing dev-repo and fix bug-reports url

  • Support more 64bits platforms like ppc64

  • Conflicts when the platform only supports bytecode

  • Use uname -m instead of uname --machine as the latter is not standard.

  • Fix assembly optimisations compilation for arm64 by checking the output of uname -m equals aarch64. Same for amd64.


  • Remove fft related routines from Fr, G1 and G2, move in (


API changes
  • G1/G2: add compressed_size_in_bytes

  • Remove Poseidon, Poseidon128, Rescue and signature to move into independent repositories


API changes
  • Fr: change API of inplace operators

New features
  • Blst: modify pippenger to work with contiguous arrays of byte sequences and affine points (3c8ae8a3c2e8735101c71dbbdcaa3c853e30b891).

  • Bls12_381.G1.pippenger_with_affine_array and Bls12_381.G2.pippenger_with_affine_array works with the contiguous version from blst (a37c1b2ba95a807544b739ade0edf334f4de2c7d).

  • Move some auxiliaries C functions into blst (blst_fr_is_equal, blst_fr_is_zero, blst_fr_is_one, blst_fp12_is_zero, blst_fp12_set_to_one, blst_fp2_set_to_one, blst_fr_set_to_zero, blst_fr_set_to_one) and use fastest routines provided by blst internals (f914a4a20f53274182767b23ce8e67de59dfef2e).

  • Poseidon: implement a generic version of Poseidon, including optimisations from (dd070dde05204a04f2ad0c4ac3e4576d93deaa3e, fa4b9418e1a2052ffca22287fd036f73e33b99a5, e9c33636b6bbc0e1f94d84b1841cc25fcfcce3f4, a577ea393431abd7c0b8d840574b6e145934d6cd, 1bdf228111fa7e81e445e4450939ca20ade40949, 48cbc33a7dca01f6e6493c8a7edb1edfc74dcb77)

  • Publish NPM package automatically in the CI when a tag is created (1fc351fada8e1cca5beb022cad0a694b2d0d1c5f, 128d090c5ba72b48061831812330c22823fc646a, 2dd4863705b0608831892b61e109521c9d80b46f)

  • Upgrade blst to 0.3.7

  • Fr: use blst_fr_cneg instead of blst_fr_sub for Fr.neg

  • Fr: use blst_fr_sqr instead of blst_fr_mul for Fr.square_inplace

Performance improvements
  • Remove some extra allocations performed on the heap when not required (e3fac8159bb39af8d877ad8e23f7db74e19ee2cb)

  • blst_fp12_pow: moving checks if the exponent is one or zero in the C code (ce2a3429d86506d8d17c5be27334bbd82e8f9e9a)

  • was set to a generator of the prime subgroup.

  • Signature: copy dst before calling blst_pairing_init. Bug reintroduced in and wrong custom block structured used (blst_fp12_ops instead of blst_pairing_ops) introduced in which causes memleaks because a pointer is not free correctly.


  • OPAM: remove JS stubs while running tests are not required (68584de662650923864c16ab2699af3b62ff07bf)


  • Fix Bls12_381.built_with_blst_portable. Detect using Sys.getenv_opt was not a working solution. Projects relying on the value must update the library.

  • Fix GT.check_bytes, see and

  • Replace with the hexadecimal representation of the generator, instead of computing using Pairing.pairing


  • Split packages in bls12-381-gen, bls12-381, bls12-381-unix, bls12-381-js, bls12-381-js-gen. bls12-381 is a virtual package and bls12-381-unix/bls12-381-js are the actual implementation for respectively the UNIX and JavaScript versions. bls12-381-gen and bls12-381-js-gen are helpers.

  • Remove version field in opam files.

  • Update to ff-sig.0.6.1, ff.0.6.1 and ff-pbt.0.6.1